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10-23-2006, 04:02 PM
Portrait of a Perfect dream.


The Shadows overcame him impairing his vision to darkness

He wept silently after a recent revelation of his horrid life

The Sheer thought of bringing up his past made him shutter

He knew nothing of happiness was assured for him

But yet he continued on through all the mental and physical

Trauma received throughout the years desensitizing the child

Happiness was a fairy tale a glint of hope to finally be

Happy is what kept him going writing and living

Physically average mentally Gifted but his Problem

Was his own laziness holding him from true potential

Not only Intellectual but Gifted used words to create pictures

His Wisdom beyond Years But no one Seemed to listen

And all he wanted to do was speak but was kept silent

A modern day visionary his words could have touched many

But was told he wasn't shit got bullied and was raised

Like that ever since he was little killing his confidence

Eventually raised right but his past forever haunted him

Devils temptations now always in the back of his mind

Slowly to grip his soul just for that glint of hope

Thus he began life of silence and seclusion

But never gained respect is what bothered him the most

Finally until that glint of hope fell into the darkness forever

Making His Body lifeless and his spirit an entity

Fate has forsaken this Man…has God as well?

Part I

The Birth of the Child.

The Birth of Child at first Pure and innocent and Form

Raised by troubled parents marriage far from perfect

6 months old the father passes away destroying

His survival rate in the rate forced into being homeless

The division of his parents multiplies his anger

And his pain adds on to minus His conscience

Leaving the Boy with mental morals but also devils morals

With no guidance unable to distinguish which is right

So raised with knowledge but no sense of justice

His mother dates another guy until he has a sister

The Guy ditches her and so she does the same to her baby boy

Forced with a burden of holding back secrets from his sister

Kills him slowly each day he lives

Finally adopted and started to be raised until the mother

Takes him back the new boyfriend insults him and beats him

At just age 6 more mental trauma then a typical adult

Walked to school around gangs and needles

The Streets where his home his house was a retirement place

Only to visit his sister he came back and another beating

He received until the day his neighbor died and then

The boyfriend simply left on a whim the boy almost

Beaten to both from a drunk man such a tragedy

After the year gone buy and missing 109 days of school

He passed the year but quickly went back to adopted

The years went by but he never forgot when he was wronged

Every time still vivid in his head from memories

Resurfacing into his mind these thoughts humbled him

But always reminded him of his past and how

He was and will never be perfect and others know

Taken advantage of since youth this boy fiends for friends

To be known and be something are his ultimate achievements

To be cared for and loved and respected another vision

Too bad this boy didn't get what was coming to him

He wanted the world…and the world refused his proposal

Part II

The Child falls for a woman.

Thoughts race through his head ranging from love to violence

Broad Minded and always open to new Theory's.

He transfers to a new school at the age of 15

Silent and troubled not knowing his pops and mom a fiend

The year begins slow and nothing worth mentioning until

The blood of his family slowly starts to drain and then spill

The death of 3 family members in a span of 2 years

Losing an aunt a grandma and a uncle all painful deaths

Now have questioning himself he contemplates who's next

But he still goes on without a flinch and showing no care

Until He reaches home and the shock puts him in despair

Gets through it day by day and it piles up eventually overpowering then he wakes up on the tip of a gun

Staring Death in the face to see who will blink first

They Say that this boy has the gift of a curse

His thoughts become tranquil he see's the road clearly

So he continues his work slowly disintegrating his spirit

When all seems lost he meets her who up lifts his mentality

The Glint of Hope shines and beckons to be resurfaced

A Nervous and shy guy from his troubled past

Speechless on what to say makes him look like a fool

But he knows down in his heart truly what to do

She brings him happiness of which he could only dream

He approaches cautiously and introduces himself

She smiles and speaks surprised he responds back

He try's to talk to her more but fate shows him sorrow

So he brushes it off but knows he still has feelings for her

Try's to say was only an infactuation saying to his boy's

Still unsure of himself and then reality puts him in check

A position he has to move out of a lose lose situation walks away With pride and dignity intact but his emotions suffered

A large loss of heart and soul and thoughts of future

Were vanquished by the slip of the tongue

These words slit his throat and drained his life force

From his body and in which resulted in his indifference

Towards family and friends making him all about the money

The Woman he cared for turned away and at that moment

The Devil Corrupted the youth and took his soul

part III

The Conclusion

Gazing upon the stares the boy wonders where did I go wrong?

Debates his problems and rips apart his personality

I wasn't good enough for her anyway he retorts

Mentally can't get out of what he was raised to be

Nothing to be or achieve so in essence his own fault

He Prays a Hail Mary for the outlaws to come back

Bringing 2 Pac's and to distribute back into the street

He knows he can be more but he decides if what of my future

He Knows this girl messed up mentality and will release

Past demons into the present ruining his birthday

The Clouds overhead pour rain out but yet

He still stands tall through the clouds staring at a brighter tomorrow then the moons movements cause a eclipse

Stopping his glint of hope but not his determination

The Soul may have been corrupted

His heart Broken and devoured

His spirit Crushed but remained above thee worst conditions

He stood proud but not arrogant he was humble full of servitude for others until the Day came that the right girl

Or the one who turned him down originally releases

He's The One….

He's The Future….

He's Tomorrow's Last Chance at survival…

Until the realization inner and among others

His talents will lay Dormant waiting the day of use

To then have everyone in awe of which he produced

And prove to everyone that he can save everyone

And help them when in reality they destroyed him…

A Hero Paints a Portrait of a perfect Dream…

Unselfish and determined through thick and thin…

He Stared Death in the face and made death flinch

Capitalized on opportunities and achieved highly and efficently

He Stands tall as a hero hoping she will recognize

He wants her standing tall alongside him, he fell for her…

And his friends close beside

Scars are the Physical

Pain and memory's the mental

So I'll never forget the date

When my spirit and body

Decided to separate

..I am Finally Free..


10-23-2006, 04:21 PM
I could break this poem down and tell you what I think of it like that. However the way I could and am going to give you feedback of this song is by using a single word. Amazing. You are a real poet and it is good to see that some people still appreciate the fine art of poetry and are not definiling it with some stupid topics and gun talk.

Leon Fluxx
10-23-2006, 04:25 PM
No Doubt.. Cloak on his New Jersey Shit!.. Damn datz fire killa.. Drop dis ish in the battle forum.. tellin u B.. dey aint no one really in da poetry.. dis shit is fire duke.. Newark's Own.. Holla.. We Jersey Killaz.. M-V-P.. Most Valueble Poet.. in Da Brick-City

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Thanks Guys i really aperciate the feedback and good Looks LF...Brick City Fam lol

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Holy Jesus. That is sooooooo gay. Grow a pair homo

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lmfao your funny but anyway uppin for feedback..