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10-23-2006, 03:07 PM
*Any track without a link was lost on the Death Row forum when it closed and I no longer have, I can only hope you guys vaguely remember the track*

Disc 1:
1.”Legendary Duo" ft. Leon Fluxx

2.”What you know about" ft. Enyo, Eyebagz

3.”Decibels” ft. Cap, Lil Infamous

4. “Still All 4 War”

5. “REM sleep ciphers #3: The Ragnorak”

6.”Game SHUNNED”

7.”Interlude(Lauren:Blue Rose)”

8. .”Change me or Change you?” ft. Cap, Spadez

9.”Democracy’s Roadtrip”

10.”All seeing Eye” ft. FuckThePolice

11.”Interlude:Off my Chest”

12.”Ridin’ Filthy” ft. Enyo, TtownMC


14.”Part III” ft. Leon Fluxx

15. “Chessboards & Gutters” ft. Jinder, Summerheat

16.”Don’t get carried away” ft. Cap

17.”Smiles of my Demise”

Disc 2:
1.”Webster's Noose”

2.”Royalty & Loyalty” ft. Leon Fluxx, Loc

3.”Opiate Visions” ft. Blackstar, Koncret, Vision

4. “I Stand Alone”

5.”Exhale” ft. Sparx-fli

6.”O.D.I.N(Levon remix)”

7.”Seven Deadly Sinz”

8.”Interlude: Life of an alchemist”

9.”Come and Take Us!” ft. Aegir,Vali,Balder,Thor,Mia,Fenrir Wolf

10. “God Forgive Me” ft. Nana

11.”Those who couldn’t be here” ft. Chyna,Ckari,Trouble,Enzyme,Illmatic,Freeway

12.”Snitch” ft. Aegir, Fenrir Wolf

13.”Welcome to cell Block” ft. Lowkey,Chopz,makeshift,Leon Fluxx, Enyo

14.”Encores & legacies”

15.”We got the Juice 06” ft. Leon Fluxx

16. "Killer Instinctz" ft. Divine, Chopz

17.”Kobain’s Shotgun”

Tracks Lost from PM box on Death Row:
1.WW5 ft. Smokii
2.Times Running Out ft. Sparx-fli, Crticial Flow
3.Empire State ft. Leon Fluxx, Ckari
4.Past-Future-Present ft. Chopz, Leon Fluxx
5.Lepracy ft. Focus
6.Responsibility ft. Loc
7.Still C.B.M ft. all of CBM
8.One for da $ ft. enyo

10-23-2006, 03:11 PM
First and foremost thanks to everyone who participated on this project with me. there was alotta collabos and people on this, especially thanks to fluxx who was on numerous tracks on here

Secondly, i would like to apologize not only to readers, but too the people on the tracks that were lost. The DR closing really kinda fucked this project over and Im kinda brining it all together half assed now. 10 tracks were dropped on DR and are now lost while 8 were in my PM box waiting to be pieced together and dropped. Im sorry again to those people who have had their work lost by me due to DR.

and Lastly, this took a few months to piece together and underwent some set backs and stuff but none the less its here and its done and Im retired from this solo text album shit everyone had going on. I dont think i could top this and go out any better anyways. Due to the fact that myself and others put alotta time in this Id appreciate album reviews and grades. i know that will be hard because of the missing tracks but maybe some of you remember the tracks idk...anywayst hanks alot and im hopingfor some reviews especially from focus

10-23-2006, 03:19 PM
Missing Track descriptions for those hwo might remember them:

1.Legendary duo: was me and fluxx going bar for bar for 2 verses and then it went from 4-1,3-2,2-3,1-4 in bars

2.”Decibels” ft. Cap, Lil Infamous-was a club sorta track

3.“Still All 4 War”-was a remake. I originally orghanized U-gang's original All 4 war with 7 members of Ugang on it then i remade it with 5 verses of my own

4.REM sleep ciphers #3: The Ragnorak-was when i wrote the topical story that had DR members in it and made a story around Ugang and CBM beefing and how we killed eachother off

5.Interlude:off my chest-was just a freestyle i had written venting about frustration with crew beef, i think there was alotta hidden wordplay or something in it

6.Come and take us-was just my friends and me typing up a sorta dMX style song. It was an average track

7.God forgive me-was nana's first track when she came back on DR. im sorry this one got lost because it was one of the best on the album. It was 2 verse from each of us spit to Proof's forgive me

8.Those who couldnt be here-was a dedication track to all the "legends" from DR and MIO who had gone somewhat MIA over the past year(s) and i added a verse of my own paying homage to them

9.Snitch-was a remake of obie trices snitch

10.Killer Instinctz-was a morbid track, again one of the better ones lost which sucks. Divine's verse was kinda short but Chopz came really nasty talkin about fuckin dead bodies or something, it was basically a topical about us stalking and killing victims.

10-23-2006, 03:30 PM
Damn... This LP is fucking Hot... Ohh and BTW J I might have Killa Instinctz on my PC cos I save most tracks just in case I ever need them. If I find it do you want it?

Btw... When I have a few spare hours on my hands I will give you a small review of each track and an overall thought of the album, just, I haven't got the time right now lol.

Leon Fluxx
10-23-2006, 03:40 PM
Fuck.. u still cant find lengendary duo.. dat shit was fire.. fuck.. ooo well.. long process in the makin

10-23-2006, 04:43 PM
i memba legendary duo lol
shit was hot

Leon Fluxx
10-23-2006, 06:33 PM
yea when me n odin go 5 bars each then 4 bars each so on n so on.. then we did back and forth droppin shit was FIya!!!

10-23-2006, 06:36 PM
i'll give a review son odin and even tho it hasnt got to do wit the album i member fluxx's and kon's track bout the government i tink
that shit was fiya lol

10-23-2006, 09:44 PM
i'll give a review son odin and even tho it hasnt got to do wit the album i member fluxx's and kon's track bout the government i tink
that shit was fiya lol

that was me and focus tribute to N.O.

10-25-2006, 10:47 PM

Leon Fluxx
10-26-2006, 12:23 AM
Yea.. Me n Koncret did Visions of A Serial Killa.. Dat shit was dope.. we had one otha right kon??.. i think there was one more we did that was nutz.. but the Visions of a Serial Killa i'll alwayz remember.. we both broke it down ... paintin a picture.. it was real.. ya know??.. real fucking real.. thats da way we all do..

01-08-2007, 06:34 PM
bump this up again maybe I'll get some quick grades lol

01-08-2007, 07:09 PM
nice album Odin... damn i forgot how much stuff u dropped...

overall a sick album, mad tracks left n right...

i remember Legendary Duo, that shit was retarted, and it was probly my fav track on the album... u n Fluxx Both killed it...

as for the newer stuff, Websters Noose was dope cuz of the beat u used and u flowed really nice over it... plus the chorus was $$$...

id probly give this album a 9.7/10

seriously dope rhyming O...

01-08-2007, 09:22 PM
Oh shit... I completely forgot about our track about illuminati, man it turned out ill to bad there wasnt alot of feedback. Much love for you keeping it, cause i had lost everything since my computer went down. Props, the whole album is ill, every song you write you hit us with ur own enigmatic style and I love it. Keep doing it, this was great.

Ttown MC
01-09-2007, 06:31 PM
Based solo on the fact your writeing/txtin isnt abotu bullshit i respect the two albums a lot. You put effort into y ashit an its visible through the lyrisicm you posses an what not. the albums were classsic someof the best pieces of work ive seen to date are on these two albums. id give it a 4/5