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It's Murda
09-24-2006, 12:44 PM
Sexy singer Ashanti is the latest in the line-up of R&B divas-turned-actresses, after Beyonce Knowles and Christina Milian. But unlike her showbiz rivals, she doesn't want to sing in her movies.

She made a conscious decision not to do so in her latest film, the teen comedy John Tucker Must Die, and she isn't even featured in its soundtrack. It opens in cinemas here today. Her other film credits include Coach Carter and The Muppets' Wizard Of Oz. The friendly 26-year-old told The New Paper over the phone from New York: 'People always expect the obvious - for singers to play singers. But right now, I want people to focus on the acting and I want to be taken seriously. I want to be seen as Ashanti the actress as opposed to Ashanti the singer.'

In John Tucker Must Die, Ashanti - full name Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas - plays one of three high school girls who finds out she's dating a serial cheater (Desperate Housewives hunk Jesse Metcalfe), and decides to seek revenge on him. The sassy songstress, who revealed she was also a school cheerleader like her screen character, has always been attracted to bad boys and even romanced her own John Tucker back then. 'There was this one dude who cheated on me in high school. He was ready to get the goods, but I wasn't ready to give them up. So he did it with an older girl - and she wasn't even cute! So I dumped him.' In the movie, the trio dream up outrageous schemes to humiliate their deceitful lover. While Ashanti feels that such an extreme comeuppance is 'good for the movies', she insisted the sweetest revenge against all John Tuckers out there is 'being happy without him'. 'When they're not important enough to be cared about anymore, that makes them go crazy!'

She recently wrapped up filming in the middle of the scorching snake-infested Mexicali desert for Resident Evil: Extinction, the second sequel to the Milla Jovovich sci-fi zombie hit based on the popular video game series. She plays a pistol-packing survivor named Nurse Betty, who drives a souped-up ambulance, shoots a 9mm gun and walks around bloodied with bullets hanging on her chest. Ashanti described it as 'a wonderful experience'. On doing her own stunts, Ashanti said: 'I was a rough girl at home, I grew up with boys on my block, so I'm used to (the physicality of the role).' The Grammy-winning, platinum-selling artiste - who has released a book of poetry, perfumes and even her own OPC-3 Beauty Blend nutritional supplements - took a two-year hiatus from her music career. But she reassured fans that she'll be making a chart comeback.

She is currently recording her fourth album, which will be released in the US next year. On choosing between her twin passions, Ashanti said: 'One is not deterring me from the other, and I'll have to learn to maintain both.'

09-24-2006, 12:50 PM
yea thats a smart move i hate when singers/actors go into movies and just play themselves, like beyonce is yet to do a film where she doesn't sing

09-24-2006, 10:26 PM
thats good.. save the singin for her life movie :D

09-25-2006, 05:02 AM
thanks vicente. beyonce shits me now, cant stand her arrogance.

09-25-2006, 01:25 PM
Oh yeah... she's a great actress already. She has the great looks already..

09-26-2006, 03:09 PM
nice find ...

09-27-2006, 08:41 AM
shes hot as hell, but shes only got into movies based on fame from singing so why should she have an acting career ahead of people learning at drama school?!