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09-02-2006, 12:26 AM
demo cuming out this moth.da sept.just got a real instrument and i aint playing,but since i got a lil time now im'a show ya sum rhymes a lil 4 fun.

No time 2 play around,gatta represent being brown
Chicano pride,yea that ghetto proud,Scream out loud,over da south,About da real latinos rap sound,Homey this why u dont want da dogs out of da house,chase ya haters like cats vs mouse,Let ya hear da annouce,after i pronouce,that is time 4 los vatos locos now,Get ya girl to bounce,in ya bed,or couch,leave dem fine chick like hoes,ass up,and face down,Homey we taking over da town,LIL Champ with da belt,and lil-King with da crown,Homey im brown like da color of da ground,Leave haters more softer than clouds,Homey ya see me around,pushing da limit like lifting heavy pound,cuz love kill hate,Through all da round,leave snitches on da lost and found.cuz ya allready know who i am,i be cousing more problem than hurricane,drama like ya momma on cocaine,homeyy check it this month,cuz im getting into da game


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