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08-17-2006, 08:01 PM
My rhymes make enermies depressed, crawl and hide away
Got nuttin to say, add some more names to the enermies I had to slay
My rhymes like Michael Jordan at his peak- ace gettin mad propz
Readers, when lilsam ever stops, admit it my spit is the topz
Im da top of the chart, you languishing low like a spice girl comeback
Ya gay friend lick ya bum crack, compared to me ya shit is dumb wack
This is easy, you findin it hard like a guy with a lapdancing grindin on his dick*
My rhymes are so slick, buildin an empire? You dont have a brick
Lyrical beatin, whipped yo ass just by spittin a short verse thats my power
SO envious y'all sour, my rhymes are hot and non stoppin like a shower
You need to turn me off but you dont want to, thats how much Im admired
I'm the boss- and you fired, but as my slave you gotta job you hired
Goin against me? Must be insane like the mo'fukin Clown Posse
Im at the top but I the same, keepin it real I dont act bossy
Sam Miller will never change, in heaven peepz will see me and be like wottup
Ya lazy depressed ass has gottup, get revenge for the beatin-have me shotup
I dont mind I like beef, why the fuck do I burn y'all on my barbecue
I'll chuck yo off the harbour-you, ya hair is homo, u need to go 2da barbers-2
This is real, you fake like wrestlin, and like wrestlin little kids think ya real
Read my rhymes- dare u to steal, this is so real you cant even feel....
The shit, too real to touch so stay away, dont mess wid da kid who just fire
The top is my desire, form there Ill continue to aim higher

08-17-2006, 10:20 PM
this was decent. If this really only took u 10 minutes then u need to start doing your other drops as fast cuz this was better and it was done quicker. Decent vocab,and decent mutlis. Not spectacular but it got the job done. Strcutre seemed a bit tighter than ya dreams joint. Why u always spellin enemies wrong?lol Aint no "r" in the word playboy. Stcik with this style and improve upon it and you'll go places.

Overal grade: 7.9/10

08-18-2006, 09:27 AM
Thanks for the advice again