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08-16-2006, 10:47 AM
Track title: "Part III"
Artist(s): odinThegod, Leon Fluxx
Album title: "crucify the pentecost"
Label: Cell Block mobb/ Tha commission
Beat: contains sample from Part II by Redman and Methodman from the How high soundtrack.

(Odin:Yo ladies and gentlemen we got Cell block family up in the house
Fluxx: Im so high that I can kiss the sky
Odin: 06’ baby we keeping it live up in here
Fluxx: Motherfuckers get high!!!Yo Yo Yo)

I, I get so high (Smoke cheeba cheeba smoke cheeba cheeba)
I, can touch the sky (You so high that I can kiss the sky sky)
I, I get, so high (Brick City and The N city to the Y)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)

Toke up, and hit the hood with the same strength I hit the blunt
Spliff in my lips, while I hit ya baby mama in the front
A different style smoother flow, air hazy as we twisting Dro
And thats Hydro and synthetics for those illiterate to the use
They say don’t get high on your own supply…that’s why I produce
Counting by tons not grams, mix the reefer with a liter of grey goose
Hit the game button, and begin to seduce- rich bitches who aint loose
House Parties in the hood, have mass amounts of bitches eating outta bowls
Crash the hood of the Rolds- Swiss cheese ya brain with inhalant sized holes
Im twisted down to my soles- Keep a bitch head down gaggin u know ya role
Take a different style and approach to the plate, to high to personify
But if u looked me in the eye- I prolly would even acknowledge or comply
I’d like to dedicate this to Red and “Meth” cuz now my vision is crystal
Inhale the smooth in the lungs, exhale and blow like a pistol…

Big Fluxx n O's Bluntz Leave Ya 'Up In Smoke' Like "Cheech-n-Chonggg//
In Jerzy We inhalin-Da-Gangjjj..Papers,Bowlz & Ya Aint Fail'n-Wit-Bongggz///
Im from Da Home Of Harlem-Haze..Itz Stashed In Da Sock..Copz Will-neva-phase//
My 'Spit' stays 'Perfect' like my Stardom-Jays,Da chemicalz make ya mind-turn-away//
its a matter-of-factz,Haze got ya Heart Rate Flatted den brimz on NY-fitted-hatz//
Da smoke caves in ya 'crews chest' like dey were gettin 'battered-with-bats'//
Our Skunk can shatter-da-wack.battle Fluxx Stoned..U'll need a ladder-2-rap//
We Got greenz Like Purple Power,SnowFlake & Durban Poison which aint-no-crap//
Niggaz on Every Corner-got-a-sack,Whiteboi Named "Jay" witta Doobie-Snack//
Jersey Blood Nigga!!.. Its What most ya-niggaz-lack,'BoneCrusher' Budz tingle-up-ya-back//
Da Highest Comin Livest-soon,Chedd'ed Up,Twistin n L-while-I-Boom//
Dis High got amatuers-doomed - My Dutchez Burn like da sun-in-June!//
My Exhale blows In ya Bitches Face,like an Air-Bag,Make her Mind-Lag//
Shes bLowin me wit cottinmouth ready-2-gag,FLuxx Stay Solutin-his-own-flag//
She Deepthroatz fo another-bag,U gotta come Home all thugged reppin-ya-rag?//
Yea Nigga!! My pantz-sagged,My Budz 'Daze'but dont confuse..Why u wearin-Drag!!//
So High U cant handle da hardest-rap, left none of ya parts-intact//
and ya hat's where my Bluntz targets-at..Seep Thru ya skull..Da Hardest-crap//
Step into a Jerzy Cypher & u'll have a heart-attack,Watchin Ya slow mind-react//
When my THC got ya Soul Collasped,Cant Handle da Bluntz soon-as-he-spits//
Hot boxin..Coughin.. My Bluntz 'blackin out' like a 'lunar-eclipse'//
Blazed when-i-reminisce -Da Tri-State Got da Best budz-dat-exists!//
IM High Nigga!!What!!!


Now at this point Im so high that I cant even light another joint
Comin back with a new flow and style but I never disappoint
Tires grippin the curb creeping, while my hand cradles the Alize
Bass shakes the streets as me and fluxx smoke through the Bay
Enemies envy when they see this team begin to “roll up”
Double meaning in that line, my visions gone and my parole aint up
Fuck the law, Ima keep it in the streets cuz that’s the real place for me
Snorting more dust than world trade survivors inhaled in debris
Eyes so low from the Dro, in my head I really think u cant see this emcee
The party wasn’t over, we still rockin this board, form Part 2 to three
Fluxx got the weed, I bring the bottles for us to sip and get drunk
Forget all the anxiety and bickering over identities, the drama just sunk
Even if the cops roll up you know they don’t got a warrant for the trunk
Got the whole celled up fam, rolled up and blazed at the spot
Get high, and live life niggaz that a G’s only real plot(motherfuckers just Blazeeeee)
Im in my homerun trot- My cerebellum is shot ( Look into the sky and blow purple haze)

So High Fluxx N Odin can Kiss-da-Sky,Watch Amatuers Spit our Dey Weed-lies//
Who knew Sum THC would get my heart 2-revive,Fuck Da DEA..Our chemicalz will survive//
Da Doctors Complain i Smoke weed-too-much,Its Jerz Nigga.. NO B.C. Bluff!!//
But Dey dont kno da feelin when i Untwist a Grean-Leaf-Dutch//
IM In da Brickz Nigga.. Dat Shit wont-be-free,Da BlueBerry is just fo my niggaz-n-me//
Like Snoop.. Dat bud got mind to say OooWee..Its 20 If u down wit-my-shit//
It Keeps Da hard workin Niggaz-lit,And have Parinoid bitches witta-Fit//
Neva in da Hoopty All-Tinted,Its Just a Hood Nigga on da Block.. Witout-Gimmickz//
Im High 4 a Jersey-minute,Nigga Lippin,Pass da smoke, Sleepin on my shit like Dope//
Witout My weed.. Wheres my hope,Ya need Cope'n,Cuz Big Fluxx keep customers Toke'n//
On da Block Cuppin my L'z so i can blaze in da Open,Shotgunz leave ya lungz smokin//
A Membrain Leaves ya nose Soakin,THC Rush Right to da Nose Bone//
Im Soo high.. I dont remember ya Ho's-Dome,Fuck It .. Where da fuck Is-my-Home??//
Shittin On niggaz wit da Original-Tone,In Jerz Dem Latin's will steal every part-of-chrome//
Fuck Cellies,My business i done thru a Booth-witta-Phone,I neva stay blazin-alone//
Nigga whats dis About???.. Im still too stoned...Yea Yea I kno i gotta lay of da weed..

(chorus echoes out)

08-16-2006, 10:49 AM
here ya go fluxx...i finally dropped it. I know u been waiting on this.
This style was a bit different for me anyways cuz i never really wrote a whole song about drugs and alcohol before. I wasnt too satisfied with MY verses and I think Fluxx shined over me on this one. Anyways its a extension to red and meth's Part II....feedback, thanks

08-16-2006, 11:16 AM
Witout My weed.. Wheres my hope,Ya need Cope'n,Cuz Big Fluxx keep customers Toke'n//

Nice Fluxx, Yall Keep it Up! :smokin: :smokin: :smokin:

08-16-2006, 08:30 PM
dope track! I don't take drugs but I like the song.

nice similes and wordplays!

Enemies envy when they see this team begin to “roll up”

Snorting more dust than world trade survivors inhaled in debris

My Dutchez Burn like da sun-in-June!//

My Exhale blows In ya Bitches Face,like an Air-Bag,Make her Mind-Lag//

lol...keep it up!

08-16-2006, 08:51 PM
that last quote from fluxx was hot lol

08-16-2006, 10:20 PM
damn... i wish i knew yall wer doin this...

nice drop from both of yall

08-17-2006, 07:34 AM
that was great yall.
real nice flow n multis nice.

08-17-2006, 01:31 PM
Great drop
Blackstar quoted all the best lines

Leon Fluxx
08-17-2006, 01:47 PM
yooo dis shit was dope... I think u killed it too odin.. I think we both shined.. we had some funny shit on dere.. FINALLY it sees da light of day.. nice... good lookz odin...

08-17-2006, 06:02 PM
Amazin shit
Sick flow
Nice lyrics
I loved Jatahs bit but the other guys were dope as well.\
Peace and mad respect.

Leon Fluxx
08-18-2006, 01:50 PM
Good Lookz Sam..