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Lil Infamous
08-10-2006, 05:57 PM
Track title: Bumpin My Music Remix
Original Artist(s): Ray Cash feat. Scarface
Remixed by: Lil Infamous
Album title: Swagga Jacka (The Text-Tape)
Label: War Gamez Militia

That's right, uh... recognize real ghetto vision, nigga
Cleveland... open up ya' doors

[Verse 1: Ray Cash]
I'm in the old school '84 Delta 88
Wit' a ounce, but I'm bouncin like I'm out here movin' weight
*Bone* and *Biggie* in the Pioneer as I reminisce
Before that it was "D'evils" took 'em back to '96
I went down to Houston for some face, Mary Jane
What a coincidence I'm blowin' Swishers doin the same thing
Six-hundred for some big "O's", *400 degrees*
I'm a ho, Playaz Club, *Ice Cube*, *Master P*
And since I'm movin' my yay, know I got *UGK*
Ridin' dirty lookin' for that high life pimp what more can I say?
I'm just stickin' and movin', under my seat is my tool, and
I keep it for any nigga wanna be trippin' or foolin'
I'm just bumpin' my music as I'm spinnin' the Ben
I'm bumpin' *Pac*, picture me rollin' without spillin' my Henn'
Yeah... Yeah, now as I spin and I bend
I'm bumpin' *Pac*, picture me rollin' without spillin' my Henn'

[Hook: repeat 2X]
I'm just bumpin' my music... music... music…
bumpin' my music
Wanna hear my music? Well let me open up my door
Release my reefer smoke so you can hear my speakers blow…

[Verse 2: Lil Infamous]
“It Was A Good Day” from *Ice Cube*, thinkin back to ‘92
Right afta that it wuz “Shake A Lil Somethin” from *2 Live Crew*
In my RnB mood, slow dancin wit my girl to “Come Back”
Damn, my heart broke in half when I heard Luther passed (Rest in Peace Luther!)
Listenin to dat *2Pac* while im puffin Mary Jane (Rest in Peace to you too Pac)
“How Long Will They Mourn Me?” Well we still missin you mayne
Ridin through da hood bumpin *X’s* “Trina Moe”
While tha bass sends vibrations through tha do’s
Bouncin to *Crunk Juice* as I turn tha woofers up
“Your Gonna Luv Me” as I turn that *Wood Work* up
Deep thinkin playin *Nas’s* “One Mic”
Still thinkin deep while im playin *City High*
Next is “Mambo Number 5”, you kno I like my Jazz
I jus luv “Bumpin My Music” like my nigga *Ray Cash*
Im Jus….


[Verbal: Scarface]
Yeah... Face Mob is in the building
I'm in the area
Hey, I like that shit you on, ya dig?
And I got some shit I'ma put you on... I'ma put you on that shit I be on

[Verse 3: Scarface]
It was like FUCK THE POLICE comin' straight from the underground
A young nigga blowin' *Big* comin' down
A *Nigga With the Attitude*, *Easy*, *Ren*, *Dre*, and *Cube*
Creepin' up the avenue, that how you had to do
YES... I'm the rhythm, the rebel
Without a cause, never lowerin' my level
I'm on some *Chuck D* shit from P.E.
Six in the mornin' I hustle with *Ice-T*
Six in the evenin' I'm chillin' wit' *Willie D*
Leavin' out the nickel I'm bumpin' some *Kool G. Rap*
Back to the neighborhood, shoot me some craps
I'm fuckin' wit' that pluck wit' the Kool-Aid pack
And now I got a brotha by the name of *Warren Lee*
Hot shot Regal illegal, like *Marley*
I get down like I'm *BDP*
Ass blaster like blast master cocked and squeeze


[Outro: Ray Cash]
Bumpin, bumpin *My Life* by *Mary j. Blige*…
{record scratches}
Damn near died day Rick James died…
{record scratches}
No blades on da muhfucka but it still roll
{record scratches}
Well now I got two O’s


08-10-2006, 06:30 PM
Shit u should do that remixed in a tape or sumthing.
probz man.tight rap.

08-10-2006, 06:44 PM
Lil Infamous is in the same age like you latin...

good work Infamous...a hole song would be better cause you catch up the idea but like you said, it's a remix...you really melt together with Ray and Scarface, I mean the flow and structure

keep it up

08-10-2006, 06:46 PM
that tight he da same age like me.Good to hear im not da only Youngest real mc on MIO.lol.