View Full Version : Makaveli Brand signs new Rapper

07-26-2006, 10:09 PM
Hoping to continue the legacy of the late great Tupac Shakur, Makaveli Branded is banking on two very talented MCs to carry the tradition forward and rep the gear.

The first artist is Roccett, a believable MC from Los Angeles, who had a buzz so heavy that he recently signed to CTE West, the label of Young Jeezy. Makaveli Branded is excited about having Roccett represent its name and clothing...

“Roccett is Los Angeles-based and he’s already heavy in the West with a huge street buzz. He rhymes about the truth and what’s going on in his everyday life,” Rick Edwards the Vice President/Director of Marketing for Makaveli Branded told Vibe.com.

Roccett currently has a mixtape called West In Full, hosted by DJ Vlad. He also has an upcoming Makaveli Branded mixtape with O.G. Ron C.
On the other hand, Romey, despite not being signed, already has garnered a fan following in his hometown of Chicago. Romey has the Get Rich mixtape/DVD out with DJ Sickamore.

“Romey is from Chicago and he has that hustle smooth flow,” says Edwards. “When selecting sponsored artists, of course we go with ones that are well known, but we also get fresh, new talent because that’s the future. Both Roccett and Romey have a great work ethic and admire and respect everything that Tupac did for hip hop.”

Well good for them, Don't see what Jezzy has anything to do with Pac.