View Full Version : N.o "the Truth

07-25-2006, 03:20 AM
u the only nigga having a cry, yo faggot dry ya eyes
we didn't know there was a second generation of transexuals down to ride
ha ha ha sorry partner u the ony guy on here full time
oh yeah an u aint see me in three weeks, prob cause i aint been here for three weeks
last thing i said was lets get it on, im back to put my foot between ur ass cheeks
all that shit u dribbling nigga the truth speaks, u talkin shit like a gang of freaks
a good bitch knows to listen an not speak, so why u tryna act all hard fo bitch???
u got a mixtape, yeah sure u high pitch bitch, u get nothin for ur weak spit shit
cry bout my interviews my rhymes u lil trick, u the faggot so how am i on ur dick???
u talk an walk new york u pretty white chick (ha ha ha u a joke)
silly fuckin trans gets his ass pimped an face back handed
an i sure as hell aint tryna be ur fuckin friend, u just mad i shitted on my biggest fan
u an emotional faggot an i need muthafuckin prozak???maybe im a real street nigga ready to snap
an u a bitch asking to get slapped back fo being whack, ha ha nigga u feel threatened, nigga u feel under attack???
i expose u, tell me why the fuck would any nigga on here lift they shirt???
i aint see no bitches on the row u the only one with a skirt, u only post cause u tryna flirt (but with who???)
this faggots feelings must be gettin hurt, cause u wanna band me an call me a big jerk (ha ha ha ha)
sorry but im just a normal high as fuck skinny nigga that put the trigger to any nigga
i just say im BIG cause bitch im the next muthafucking mob figure
u like one of those canival clowns catching balls on ur mouth roof
see u faggot real niggas know the treal truth, u a trans named Ruth
this nigga gobbles like a goose, chicken head keeps cluck~on
so im get my buck on, put a fuckin plug in one,u faggot get the fuck on
u the one looking for a cock to swing on an so on, why u do a snitch diss song (u a snitch)
oh whats wrong i don't deserve a diss, have a cry slit yo wrists u emotional bitch
this nigga talkin shit on me yet u all up in the admins ass, u got rider kicked u fuckin snitch
mayne ur shit gettin worse, cause this faggot got a dick suckin thirst, admin wasn't the first
wanna end yo beef admit u a snitch ass trans faggot, come out the closet it aint a curse

stright up nigga u a fuckin faggot fluxx, cryin an shit LMAO
fuck outta here with ur emotional shit u bitch, u a fuckin charater!!!