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07-23-2006, 11:44 PM
WorldWideConnected.com: How did you hook up with Bang’Em Smurf and Domination?

Oh yeah they was in my hood, ya know what I mean. I seen em here and there. I used to ask them introduce me to Frakie Tah back in the day, Rest In Peace… So basically they was in the same hood. We grew up in the same hood.

WorldWideConnected.com: So when was that?

I had to be like 8.

WorldWideConnected.com: So that was about 8 years ago. Did you write lyrics and rap when you were 8 years old?

Yeah I’ve been rapping since I was like 7 or 6.

WorldWideConnected.com: Did you ever think you were gonna hook up with a label that early? Cuz I mean most rappers do that later on in life…

Nah I was just doing it for the fun of it. Just rapping for fun. I never thought I’d try to take it serious and do something with it.

WorldWideConnected.com: What do you think you’ve got that the rap game needs?

I’ve got everything the rap game needs. Everything, for real. The rap game needs Gangsta Flip Records and the rap game needs Domination. There are too many fake rappers that’s not really doing nothin’. The rap game really need us.

WorldWideConnected.com: How is it working out doing the rap thing and going to school?

It’s nothing cuz right now. I’m working around school schedules and they understand if I have to leave school early to go to the studio. It’s nothing. They understand.

WorldWideConnected.com: Allright. I heard you just released a mixtape called “I got your Banks stopped”.

Yeah 4, 5, 6 I got your banks stopped.

WorldWideConnected.com: So tell us a little bit about the mixtape.

Man it’s crazy. I got some 70 bars shit.

You can look out for that, and you can look out for Domination too.

You can expect reality, and ofcourse you can expect what’s real because that’s what we grew up around.

WorldWideConnected.com: Do you use used or original beats on the mixtape?

Oh yeah… yea I got like 4-5 beats on there from like… my man lace beats so I got beats from him. I got some beats from my man Dolla, Chosen Onez. Chosen Onez is my group and my man Dolla outta there make beats. So yeah it’s instrumentals on there too.

WorldWideConnected.com: Are you gonna keep doing the mixtape thing?

Yeah I’mma keep doing mixtape. Even when we blow up and we’re on MTV, BET and shit we gonna still drop the mixtapes.

WorldWideConnected.com: Who’s on GF Records right now besides you?

Bang’Em Smurf, Domination… When I come out you can look out for Chosen Onez. Shoutout to my n*ggas Cash, Dolla, Scraps, Finesse, Iceberg & Blick. That’s what it is. Gangsta Flip Records.

WorldWideConnected.com: What happened to Big Swing?

Umm I don’t know, man… That’s a big question mark, man. I don’t know about Big Swing.

WorldWideConnected.com: Allright, but he’s not on the label any more?

Naw, we don’t mess with Big Swing any more.

WorldWideConnected.com: Is anything different right now with Bang’Em Smurf being locked up?

Not really. It’s not a slow-down, ya know what I mean? We’re gonna keep doing our thing regardless. When Bang’Em come home it’s a wrap. Everybody know that.

WorldWideConnected.com: How do you keep in contact with him? You go see him?

Yeah I go see him. I mean I go see him and talk to him on the phone too.

WorldWideConnected.com: What are you working on right now?

My mixtape and Chosen Onez.

WorldWideConnected.com: How about a solo album?

Oh yea I’mma have a solo album. I got a bunch of album cuts. I mean I could drop a album right now, but it’s a slow process.

WorldWideConnected.com: A slow process making it real good? You record a bunch of songs and save the best for the album?

Yeah. Like the best songs with the best beats. If you’re feeling it, and there’s more than one person feeling it and just vibing with it, that’s a go.

WorldWideConnected.com: Do you have any guests that you plan to have on the album? I guess Domination’s gonna be on there…

Yeah, Domination, Chosen Onez. Shoutout to Domination. It’s gonna be crazy.

WorldWideConnected.com: When can we expect to get it?

My album should be coming out like after the summer.

WorldWideConnected.com: Are you working on anything else besides the mixtape and the album?

Yeah like I said Chosen Onez. We’re gonna do a mixtape too. And we still do the Groundworks. Groundwork 8 is coming soon.

WorldWideConnected.com: How about another Domination album. You involved in that?

Domination’s got alot of tracks stored. I mean shit… that’s Tupac right there.

WorldWideConnected.com: Hehe ok. What do you bump for inspiration? I mean what kinda music do you listen to when you dong listen to your own stuff?

GF Records all day… And I bump some D-Block and I fucks with Fab too.

WorldWideConnected.com: What are your goals?

Basically to be on the top. I’m reaching for the top… taking n*ggas spots that’s not supposed to be there.

WorldWideConnected.com: I heard you were dissing G-Unit on the mixtape…

I mean ofcourse I’m in it all day, because of Bang’Em Smurf and Domination. Banks is like 27 and I’m 16. I don’t think his raps is up to par.

WorldWideConnected.com: So you’re basically doing it because of Bang’Em and all that…

Even if I wasn’t with Bang’Em I wouldn’t like 50 because he’s not a man. He say he this and he say he that but he’s not. Stop lying and be a man.



That’s the next coming. He’s taking over the game.

The Game

No problems with The Game, ya know what I mean. It’s squashed. He’s doing his thing and we’re doing our thing.

Freakie Tah

Rest in peace Freakie Tah.

Bang’Em Smurf

Free Bang’Em all day, man. That’s like my big brother.

Suge Knight

Shoutout to Suge Knight and Tha Row.

Mr Cheeks

Shoutout to Mr Cheeks too.

WorldWideConnected.com: Yourself, Young Dice.

I’ve got to look out for me. I’m a big problem for the industry. For real, the mixtape is gonna tell it all.

WorldWideConnected.com: Where can people find the mixtape?

Go to an African and he’s gonna have it, haha.

WorldWideConnected.com: Anything else you wanna say before we wrap this up?

Yeah, shout out to Bang’Em and Domination. Gangsta Flip Records. GFRecords.com.