View Full Version : Leon Fluxx Vs. Notorious *call out* nothing personal bitch

07-01-2006, 12:49 AM
05-10 bars
10-20 lines
No Feedin
No hate/dickrydin Votes
Catagory Votes..atleast 7 catagories...
I'll Drop first.. den u'll have two dayz to dropp afta
3 votes a K.O.
5 votes is a T.K.O.


Accept.. U wanna pop shit when i told u how it is.. Well Imma close ya mouth permenantly..

No beef.. Imma just KO u.. straight up..


alright alright, ima call this, SKINNY BITCH, MY HOE PT2

first off who the fuck u think ya talking to?
i erase skinny bitches like u, with no cule, just a pair of shoes (MY HOE)
how the fuck nigga u gon punch me?, u skinny lil coke sniffing faggot
can barely lift a finger to touch me, barely make jabs
N.O strights stabs, sell slabs, knows niggas in labs (MY HOE)
oh an the nigga foc, wanted me crush u with this note:
Fuck Your Opinions Bitches, Call Me Constipation...I Don't Give A Shit!/
Revoked?,Really?.... Print That Nonsense Comment And Ripped It To Bits
ha ha homie these bitch niggas needa buy a thug kit
show em how to smoke an get shit light, u just a skinny ass audio skit (MY HOE)
this muthafucka oh i must have hurt his feelings, thing is bitch if i punch u (MY HOE)
ya skinny bitch ass head gone pop off an hit the ceiling
skull with no teeth, bitch gonna need more then a fuckin fillin (MY HOE)
nigga face it u aint built for rap, u get to emotional
u should have been like biggie an said nothing at all
while i watch yall downfall, oh this nigga saying shit on me
have a cry faggot, yeah ill be ya enemy, lil skinny G
oh yeah i thinks its cause i called ya a michael jackon kiddy chaser
comin out with ya new track The Feeler, that shit fo real huh? (MY HOE)

this took 5mins an im still waitin for this bitch, this why the nigga wins cause he takes todays to do a battle, stright faggot

07-01-2006, 08:23 AM
oh sorry the real thing is on DR