View Full Version : Just Don't Give a Fuck (freestyle)

Ttown MC
06-10-2006, 10:29 PM
Shit i aint said enough to pipe down, Im willin to fight now//
Scrappin, jabbin with lyrical projectiles, Chrome goes blow//
I step back an get the "whole picture" , you a true wisher//
Pray to god will the hollow kiss ya, Disappear an we aint miss ya//
You where irrelevant, never the "new-School" just aced bein a fool//
You say your gangster, well then walk the block, whip the tool//
Ill back-hand you off that stool, relax just play it cool//
Dont pump up ya chest unless one on one you ready to dual//
Ill teach you a lesson, ill burn you an learn you the skills for this mic//
The look in my eye gives you a fright, thinkin am i safe an night//
Well honestly no, ill destroy you before you reach the door//
You coward you bore, get ready unpackin an somethins in store//
The first demo got copped in 2004, on the same shelves it slept on//
But the motion of the pen left to right just kept on//
Could it be im just to good for a lable, to bad to be tamed an stabled//
Or are rhymes the legs to my table, not fake fuck a get rich fable//
I rock underground, mainstream shits like kool-aid sugard an waterd down//
The blocks been empty so they say T its time you come back around//
I said why the bricks made me rich but this feeling i get when i spit//
i touch the mic an i just rip, how can you compare to this feeling right here//
its something special its better then air, gives me freedom i swear//
So ill preach, teach, be a prophecy till my control of this game is breached//
I couldn't care, even signed i still walk past with two middle figgas in the air//

just another one
lol i swear if anyone would like to see
less freestyles on here from me tell me lol
ill give a full drop a shot next time

hope you enjoy


06-11-2006, 10:28 AM
lol nce endin
yo flow was real gud in this wit tha mutlis n erythin
i luv readin yo freestyle so keep em comin
altho a propa full drop wud be real gud to see too

06-11-2006, 12:49 PM
nah dont stop!
ur gud so it aint like u weak r sum ish n we gonna telll u to shut tha fuck up! lol
plus u doin it fo tha BC however u doin it!

anotha gud 1 but not as gud as ur last. openin lines were better n then imbetween tha flo got a lil messy but u picked it bk up in tha end!

06-11-2006, 01:39 PM
i really liked it man and keep dropping ya freestyles are real good