View Full Version : Karma is a b%#ch.Lil Cease EXPOSED on Cocaine City DVD.Beaten and robbed.VIDEO/PICS

06-08-2006, 02:18 PM
on the new cocaine city dvd,maino discusses how he beat the shit out of lil cease

he said niggas tried to come to his hood thinkin its sweet,n when niggas approached them jr mafia niggas,cease n them took off n ran.he also said them niggas was runnin into da streets n got hit by cars n shit.he said when he went on da radio,he wasnt allowed to really get into detail how he wanted to.

and on top of that,niggas took pics with his jewelry on:




said they dont kno how cease could come to their part of brooklyn n try to get live.said his niggas claim crip n they cant fucc wit them like dat.also said they would sell his jewelry bacc to him but he doesnt have enuff money.also said for a fat nigga,he surely can run fast

06-08-2006, 02:34 PM
your not black stop sayin nigga

06-08-2006, 03:11 PM
your not black stop sayin nigga
i didant:roll: i just copy n pasted it from ic

06-08-2006, 03:52 PM
that's not Cease's jewlery

Cease's has them same chaine that Ja has on the last Temptation & a dollar sign

Maino is lieing

Sauce Money saw it

they thought eachover to the ground.

They fell down & kept punching but they were not on top of eachover

they were beside eachover. Then they laughed. Cease got up & pulled Maino up. Maino brushed his shit off & said good fight & they walked away

Cease didn't snitch he pled the 5th

He was in the court room cause he was sepenaded.

He pled the 5th. It's that snitching them I guess Ronnie Bumps is a snitch & Scarface is a snitch

Maino wasn't their in the court room

06-08-2006, 04:01 PM
i thought you'd like maino since he's down with preme

06-08-2006, 04:10 PM
Damn baja i still dont get it you claim you gangsta and you still backing Lil Snitch.
That's not good.

J Biggz
06-08-2006, 04:43 PM
damn dats sad lol


06-08-2006, 07:29 PM
I'm not backing a snitch

I like Maino

but he's lieing, I've seen his jewels

also pleading the 5th is a right you can do when your on trial. It means you won't speak on it, He told some truth about him & some people being their, then they asked him if Kim lied & he pled the 5th

It's all written down in transcrips

Cease isn't affaid to show people the transcrips on paper

He pled the 5th when asked about if Kim lied, That's what she's locked up for. He told her not to lie, He lied & so did everyone else but they handled their selves.

Kim lied & was caught on camera & that's the only reasion she's locked up

If I suported snitches then I'd be a fan of 50, E Money Baggs, Mel-Son, Stretch & Yayo

but I'm not, Cease didn't lie

He just decided to show up at court to prevent doing 25 years for someone who turned their back on them

If he said Kim lied then it would be a diffrent story & I'd say fuck Cease but he didn't.

I know it, Sauce knows it, Lexi knows it, D-Bone knows it, Harry-O knows it, Memphis Bleek knows it

allot of people were at the trial & Maino wasn't he just believes what Kim says

Kim lies all the time, She says she's in the hood. CB & Foxxy know that's a lie