View Full Version : How does The Inc records label work?

04-27-2006, 06:11 PM
- I was reading on this forum that its not up to Irv Gotti to put out an ablum its really up to Universal. Is this true?

- I am assuming that each artist prepares an ablum and has the Universal executives listen to it, and then they decide from there. Correct?

- After the ablum been approved they start booking dates and times for ablum promotion. Correct? What happens if the ablum is rejected? Does the artist leave?

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04-27-2006, 06:43 PM
its basically the 2nd sentence u had

I am assuming that each artist prepares an ablum and has the Universal executives listen to it, and then they decide from there.

they book album dates off singles tho, which is why pov city/just like a thug/i gotcha ma got caddy release dates, but his album material didnt get approved so the cds got pushed back and eventually never came out.

04-27-2006, 07:03 PM
the artist makes the album..with help from the producers... presents it to gotti..he adss his magic touch..to the tracks...universal listens...and decides

04-27-2006, 07:04 PM
you wanna know how it works

This is how It used to work

a studio called the Crack House was set up where tones of talent finish track after track, Gotti picks the ones he likes, Preme gives it a listen, Then raites it & they do it again depending on how he likes it, When Preme gives it a thumbs up Gotti sends it to Universal

Then Universal desides if they like it

They never really liked Vita, They didn't like Caddillac Tah at first, They liked Black Child okay but they wanted his album to be another Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood & Reasionable Doubt, they were never satisfied with it, the CMC album couldn't be released & here's why

at the time it was gonna be released, The feds were swooping in on TVT since they were funded by Preme, So at the same time Universal wanted to release it, so Def Jam & TVT gets the idea to do a lawsuite so that the feds would be thrown off since tones of Def Jam releases were also funded & worked on by Preme

TVT figgured that universal wouldn't let them release it, they used it as publicity to throw the feds off.

I don't know how it's run now, Preme is locked up so he can't ghost executive produce any new releases. Like R.U.L.E., Concrete Rose, Southside, Collectables & Exodus

if Preme executive produced R.U.L.E., Nas would'have been on it, the album would be better, More Gun Talk, less R&B

If Preme executive produced Collectables, Nas, Cam'Ron & others would have been on it

Cause Preme uses force to get shit done. When they wouldn't let Nas or Cam be on the releases, Preme would have made it happen, But Gotti just shrugged & said oh well & Released then the way he could.