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Feb 1, 2005

Chink Santana is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who has sped through the ranks from founder Irv Gotti's Murder Inc. (now The Inc Records, home to Ashanti, Ja Rule, Charli Baltimore and Cadillac Tah, among others) to Gotti's protégé to producer for A&M/Interscope artists Keyshia Cole and Ms. Dynamite, among others. "I'm very experimental when it comes to just going into the studio and doing whatever the hell comes to my mind," he says from his New York base. "On Ashanti's first album, on a song called 'Over,' I actually started that song with the drums. I sent a click track from the [Akai MPC-2000XL] to my headphones and just played the drums to the click track. Once I had a good four bars that I liked, we copied and made a pattern out of it in Pro Tools and then I went back and added everything else to the drums."
Santana does most of his sequencing on the MPC-2000. "I put everything besides my live instrumentation [on the MPC]. If it's a sample of a kick, a snare, a loop, I'll sequence it and then I'll put it in Pro Tools. Once I have that part of the song in Pro Tools, I'll add everything else?live guitar, violin, strings, bass?anything that I add live I like to add after I have the sequence in Pro Tools."

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