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03-26-2006, 05:34 PM
Yo,i was lookin for some pics of pac and i went to this link and it took me to this forum and i was readin this thread,and it had me thinkin after readin this,



In the autopsy picture,

If you look on Tupac's face, you see it's a slightly different colour to the body as if it's a latex mask or been digtally edited on.

In the picture his body looks all loose, surely Rigor Mortis would have set it?

There is a wooden cabinet that you can see in the picutre.

In medical theatres, they have stainless steel, not wood.

For autopsy pictures they have set profile picture, the face shuld be facing directly upwards, there should be a photo of his face, 2 pictures, from either side, and one of all the wounds, not in the angle this picture has been taken.

The actual quality of the picture is somewhat 100% poor. Even if it's been scanned in, you can still tell the original qualiy of a picture and the quality of that one is crap.

The "Last Picture" of Tupac was also faked, I can easily do that, it has a 2 pixel father, which is where it went wrong as the feather/slight fade made it go slightly over the edge.

The direction of light from the camera would have provided alot more light into Tupac and Suge's car, it never, the rest of the inside of the car has been blacked out.

The car has no keys, there was a rumour they had a "push start" BMW, even though it was not in production at the time.

I checked into the Live 8 thing with Snoop, the guy in the red tracksuit and blue hat is unknown, everyone else is credited in someway apart from him.

I don't know if this makes sense, but the video from "Holla Back" could be Tupac if he is alive, think about it, he might'a known no one would believe it, so he could basically give us a huge clue only for us to ignore it, keeping his plan under wraps.

Is he alive? If he is alive, he's leaving us clues, if not, his mother is leaving these clues so we'll buy the albums and give her more oney.

Either way, he'll live in my heart 'til I die, even if he doesn't live in the pysical form.

What Yall Think?......

03-26-2006, 07:24 PM
wow bro.... thats weird

03-26-2006, 07:28 PM
wow bro.... thats weird

whats wierd?

03-26-2006, 07:54 PM
the whole pac thing bro... why would he do that to his fans, why wont he come back if hes alive and why would he wants us to believe that he's alive when maybe he's r.i.p???

03-26-2006, 08:19 PM
Pac is dead cause he wasn't ready to die.

He had plans of siging Hussein Fatal, Kadafi, Kastro, Napolean, Muszamil, Hassachi Ryda, Yukmouth, Numskull, EDI, Gonzoe, Mopreme, Raided R, Macadoshis, Candyman 187, Shock G, AKWYLAH, Mac-Mall, Ray-Luv, B.C.C., Nutt-So, Dru Down, Noble & others to Makaveli Records which would have been seprete from Death Row.

Since Yukmouth was in prision Pac didn't get a chance to record with him & their's no way Pac would have faked his death before he could have recorded with his favorit Oakland rapper.

He wouldn't have abandoned his friends as well as missed his sceduled recording seasion with JT The Bigga Figga

He had plans on rideing on Snoop for saying he wanted to record with Biggie.

I see what your saying about the Pics. I know the Autopsy photo is fact. Afina let it leak so people would know he was death. It prolly was a re-creation cause she couldn't get the photo's from the morge.

Also Eminem's Web Entertainment sent Pac a letter when he was alive begin for Pac verses & Pac wrote back a nasty letter addressed to all the wanksta white Detroit rappers including Eminem & Bizzy Trick.

Plus everyone including Pac knew that Stretch & E Money Baggs were snitches & they hanged with 50 Cent & E Money even started G-Unit for 50 & theirs no way Pac would have let E Money & Stretch alies remix his classic unreleased material as well as letting his crack head mom who kicked him out of his house control all of his recordings & letting her & EDI & Noble re-make all his songs like ass & editing out his best friend Fatal

Notice Fatal & Kadafi left the Outlawz at the samr time but Kadafi remains in all of the recordings simply because he died.

Pac wanted to release One Nation & Fatal & Felony but they didn't get released because of his death.

So it doesn't add up what so ever. It's bullshit to keep saying he's alive.

IF he awas alive he'd live on a private island with all of his boys & one of them would have outted him.

03-27-2006, 02:38 AM
i dunno man, i used to believe all this stuff in like year 7 and 8, but im way over it now, i think people are just looking into it too much.

03-27-2006, 07:27 AM
even if them pics are fake dont really mean hes alive.

Moist Murderer
03-27-2006, 08:51 AM
Anyone seen a film called 'Biggie and 2Pac' - Suge killed him. Burn in hell suge