View Full Version : Remy Ma Admits Tension With Fat Joe, Love For G-Unit

02-02-2006, 01:19 AM
After seeing her album pushed back several times, Remy Ma is finally poised to drop her solo debut, There's Something About Remy: Based On A True Story. In this SOHH.com exclusive, Remy admits to liking G-Unit and addresses past tension with Fat Joe.

Tony Yayo wouldn't be caught dead listening to Terror Squad-related material. On the other hand, the feud between Joey Crack and 50 Cent hasn't stopped Remy from peeping G-Unit tracks.

"Joe don't control how I feel," Remy told SOHH. "I thought the whole [Fat Joe/50] beef to begin with was stupid. I'm a girl first of all. I don't belong nowhere between their bullshit. At the end of the day, it's fucking music. It's not my fault that they [G-Unit] make good music. Regardless of the beef or whatever, they make good music. And I'm a fan of good music."

Fat Joe most likely isn't too pleased with Remy's musical taste, but she doesn't care. It isn't the first time the two have had a difference of opinion. While Remy and Joe have bumped heads in the past, the BX femme fatale says it's been a while since their last quarrel.

"It's always gonna be tension when somebody ain't scared to stick up," Remy explained. "They say it's tension cause if I got a problem with something, I confront Joe as where those people won't say nothing. They'll just let it be. As long as people that love each other have tension at times... everything is not always peaches and cream 100% all the time. At the same time, I don't feel like every time we have an argument or every time we're not speaking, I gotta broadcast it. Me and Joe haven't had an argument in over a year, almost two years probably."

Industry insiders say Joe and Remy's last argument can be traced to one of her LP's earlier release dates. After several setbacks, the self-proclaimed "conceited" rapper is finally ready to drop her debut, There's Something About Remy: Based On A True Story. Though she has yet to sell one record, Remy is confident she's flow past her competitors. In fact, she still thinks she's "that bitch."

"Nobody is doing what I'm doing," Remy declared emphatically. "The other people that's in my category as they put it, they not writing they own material, they not picking they own beats, they don't even pick they own clothes or hairdo. I'm my own person. I do what I do. I just know that I'm the best at what I do."

Remy Ma's There's Something About Remy: Based On A True Story featuring Big Pun, Keyshia Cole, Ne-Yo and Ivy Queen is slated to hit stores February 7, the 6-year anniversary of Pun's death. Also look out for Remy's Guys Gone Wild, a DVD featuring XXX footage of the rapper's male groupies