View Full Version : Mad Skillz - The Rap Up 2005

12-29-2005, 07:40 PM
this is brilliant as always dude is so under rated its a dissgrace


12-30-2005, 11:27 AM
looks like people dont really pay atention to sum1 unless hes the flava of the month well heres some of the things he talks about and some of his lines.

50-Cent & Game(beef, apologize, kiss & press confrence)
Who? Mike Jones....
RIP Luther, Tookie, & Richard Pryor
Lox vs. P.Diddy
Jeezy's Adlibs
McDonalds paying rappers to say Big Mac in raps
Michael Jackson
Stop Snitching/Snowman Shirts
Jay-Z & Dame(break up, Ultimate Hustler)
Kanye(bush dont care, white fans, Gold Digger)
Eminem(sleeping pillz )
Eve Porno
Suge gettein shot by a dud with pink pants
Bow Wow and Ciara
Free and AJ(leaving BET, AJ crying)
Game beefing with Bleek and Buddens, but backing down from Jay
singer Houston taken his eye out
Eddie Murphy Gay rumors
Jamie Fox Oscar fro Ray, but clowned Stealth
R.Kelly(trapped in the closet)
Superhead Book(he said everubody read it but Fantasia )

"Ciara and bow wow, they started dating right?
I mean he's three feet, its no way he's laying the pipe"

"Oh I think they like me? No I don't like none of Y'all"

"He set us all back with tha damn gold digger dance"

"I ain't the only sick of hearing 'Who Mike Jones?'"

"Michael Jackson innocent, moonwalked right outta court"

"Everybody read Superhead's book, except Fantasia"

"Snowman was the word, once they found out what it meant, they banned the t-shirts"

"It's a sad day when we dancin' the Laffy Taffy"

"Oh I think they like me, no I don't like none of y'all"

"Even Diddy gave back the LOX's paper, after 'Kiss said he was gonna hit him with a refrigerator"