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12-20-2005, 11:11 PM
(a wolf howls, and footsteps can be heard crunching through leaves. A congested throat breathes heavily in and out...)

When all else fails never cry wolf, or embrace a canines jaws
Serrated knives to jugulars without a relative cause
Never lie, or youíll die, live life thru the enemyís eyes
The movies becomes reality blood replaces the red dye
Be honest to your word or suffer homicidal fate
Cuz around every dark corner a stealthy Wolf waits

Verse 1
Seeing through crimson tinted eyes stalking my prey
Hiding in the shrubs top survey a boy named Jose
Who had the audacity to snitch out his best friend to the cops?
But the images I portray, is him decayed once his heart stops
Dusk is upon as the chromatic sky reaches for the horizon
He walks across the crisp grass towards his dorm and I dial his verizon
He turns to answer, and I lash out across the field
He wheeled, and peered to my face which was concealed
By a orange florescent hunting mask which gave off a violent vibe
My carnage, slashed and transcribed-plasma is what the wolf prescribes
The blade eases through tissue, and a warm feeling pierces my gloves
Blood trickles down my fingertips, from a tree sets sail black doves
The deed is done, displayed upon the evening news
Got the authorities confused- suspects being accused-I sit back and watch amused


Verse 2

I sit perched to the farthest bathroom stall
Plastered to the wall-consuming gossip if I recall
From two girls, with pom pomís speaking on a fellow class mate
On how another girl went on a date-and proceeded to procreate
All lies! Made up by the jealous and weak at heart
Envy one of the many dark arts-my heart pumps off the charts
The one girl waves farewell and departs
I brace myself at kick down the hinges of the stall door
Her voice thunders, and her screams hit the floor
Help! I mean what more could she ask for? It donít matter anymore
Cartilage snapped open-mingled bones she bore-utter gore
My knife slipped through her sternum and left guts severed
Pull out a handkerchief and clean the blade from the mission it endeavored
Kick her liver across the room in disgust and detest
Iíve become obsessed with the torture of victims whom I canít digest

Verse 3

Hiding in the principleís closet, he speaks softly on the phone
On and on he drones about how Tyrone accepted recruiterís loans
A set up to get the black kid off the varsity team
A tyrannous scheme to lower the innocent at hearts self-esteem
He rambles forward; I canít take anymore of this nonsense
Air heavy like incents-the suspense is intense
A slowly twist the closet handle to let my attack commence
I traipse upon him, and indulge my knife into his back. Itís dense
Twisting the serrated blade, wrenching every muscle free
Like the phone from his hands-he drops to his knees
He reached for me, but fails and his convulsions begin to seize
He huffs and puffs loudly spittin blood out of throat
So much blood pours I could conjure a moat, and use his carcass as a boat to float
He coughs feebly and in response I jerk the knife up into his rib cage
Like a bookís last page, his body disengaged-and so ended my rage
I spit on his heels, as I slipped out in the night
The point of view turns crimson as the Wolf slips out of sight

(A howl from a wolf pierces the silence)


12-21-2005, 06:48 PM
really liked this 1
had a nice concept to it
wit lots of creativity
yo vocab was crazy aswell
really well done, keep it up

12-22-2005, 09:27 AM
i like it 2 , keep up Odin

12-22-2005, 08:00 PM
word. nice shit odin, original. keep em comin!