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12-11-2005, 11:46 PM
Ice Cube Produces Race Conscious Reality Show
Sunday, December 11, 2005
By: Michael Ivey

Ice CubeEntertainment powerhouse Ice Cube will examine the status of California race relations by having two families switch skins on FX. He and film maker R.J. Cutler (“30 Days”, “The War Room”) created a six episode reality series called “Black. White.”, in which the Caucasian Wurgels of Santa Monica, CA will be turned Black and the Black Sparks’ of Atlanta white. The illustrious emcee/actor/producer feels “‘Black. White.’ will force people to challenge themselves and really examine where we stand in terms of race in this country.”

The Sparks’ and Wurgels are whitened and blackened respectively by “The Passion of the Christ’s” makeup artist, Oscar nominee Keith Vanderlaan. They live in a Tarzana, CA home outside LA, and experience life as the opposite of what they’ve known their entire lives. R.J. Cutler sees the show as “an example of how television can be an extremely powerful and useful medium” and thinks “the Sparks and Wurgels took a big chance but are better people for having done so.” “Black. White.” premieres this March on FX.


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