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12-10-2005, 11:43 PM
I read fly-boi and mulatto's track and that shit was fire, so i sat down and wrote this tonight. the concept is basically, or does one become a god. This aint like a diss or trying to one up yall, your track inspired me to show my lyrical/vocab side. Good look on ya track niggaz.
(Thunder echoing, People Chanting)

How does one become a god when walkin amongst infidels
Does he metamorphasize walkways in the forms of parallels
Does he Battle in wars, until scar’s no longer clot and conceal
And then fatigue, and anemia altars to become ones Achilles heal
Does a God ever become encased in the solemness of vacuity?
Or does he prophesize his own destiny through ingenuity

Verse 1:
The question days old, unanswered unmarked by striations of imperfections
Gasping and seeking, Ponce de Leon’s immaculate reflections
In a fountain which sustains youth, for sinuous exploitations
Tarnished by rival’s verbal variations revived only for sanctification
Is the sacred cells domain solidified within the walls of the arterial?
Or is it not stagnant within the heart, pumping vaguely through ethereal
Is he living or his he dead, to make the statement plainly said?
Is he among us, or from another elliptical abyss?
Does he contain the cognition to comprehend how to reminisce?
Is he to be loved or to be hated, feared or idolized?
Does he stand atop Mt. Sinai and command documents decriminalized?
Does he have say over the weak, or leverage amongst the omnipotent
Is his physiological abilities of psychosis far above potent
Can he internalized and manipulates the feelings of those who oppose
Can he summon mountainous ominous armies to be arranged juxtapose
For the final battle, the ragnorak amongst the Holy heathens
And formulate the inclemency to become ideal for all four seasons


Verse 2:

What of gender? Does it play a role in the alacrity and enduringness?
Does Intellectual quality determine the difference between obliviousness?
If one god has an army and another fights alone
Is one to be condoned? -Or have only partial claim to the throne?
Does godliness entitle the everlasting struggle to be overthrown?
Or is it about vast idyllic, insurmountable precious stones?
Riches of illuminate and Technicolor carrots
Or is the legacy patriarchal passed down to one who inherits
The power and the fame on rotating axels pivoting towards horizons
Perched high above the crow’s nest voyaging maneuvering the mizzens
A king amongst the kings or a thief amongst the demonic
One who basks in so much glory his wishes become platonic
And when the master is awakened infuriated the world’s plates become tectonic
And his roars of defiance symphonically diatonic
Do double crossers even bare to suffer his wrath and then defy?
Or will they swallow their superbia and let the rationales underlie
Does anyone dare oppose the saber that has caused many rigimortus?
Because they no they hold their tongue’s when the are destined to extort us


Verse 3:

Its now undeniable that the God contains immaculate toxemia
Cuz he causes the audiences to need him like a sense of bulimia
A god is the spastic feeling in the pylorus or naval abide
He has died-then coincides, becomes the jekyl to your Hyde
A Frankenstein pieced together through emotions and vileness
With blood protruding out your wounds with a feeling of perpetual bliss
Poetry in motion, when his mandible denounces orders
A tragedian of slain souls, who dare traipse across his borders
Indelibly transmuting resonance of wrath in all directions
Blatantly exposing and unseaming upon enemies imperfections
Never an antagonist, simply fighting for a cause
Never stifling for applause-with the velocity ripping at his jaws
Humble amongst death, pardoning not even his own soul
Elapsing drum rolls-agony providing coal-fury bursting in extol
Incubating life or death in a spasmodic fashion
Selecting, and strategically rationed-who receives compassion
Penning satanic, thunderously imminent pictorials of pentagrams
Slaying enemies while reciting psalms to the lords presenting sacrificial lambs
What defines a god is brolic strength, knowledge, or leadership perfections
Or is the intimidation fueled by the mandate allowing post-death resurrection?

(Thunder claps loudly, swords clashing in the background. Soldiers yelling war chants. Someone bellows the name Odin and it echoes out)

12-11-2005, 01:58 AM
nice post mayne

i appreciate that you appreciate the stuff me and flyboi are into

keep up


12-11-2005, 07:33 AM
i'm feeling it Odin , keep it up

12-11-2005, 09:43 AM
well done

12-11-2005, 09:50 AM
thanks everyone

btw mulatto that collabo is still on the table, the three of us would make a classic track nigga