View Full Version : Just Like The Water F/ FlyBoi

12-09-2005, 11:19 PM
Coursing through my senses, she's prevailing
Floating through the space of my design
Drowning me to find my inside sailing
Drinking in the mainstream of her mind
Filling up the cup of my emotions
Spilling over into all I do
If I only I could get lost in her ocean
Surviving on the thought of loving you
Baptized in her Elegance, eversince the very beginning
Room spinning, Exodus Concludes in the bottom of the inning
Drowned in her allure, She's my homeboy & yet provacative
Precious as she stands close, All Her Pasts becomes evocative
I'm reminiscing on her long legs, Chyna Doll pertains her power
Considering she's a woman, but her certainty escalates like a tower
She's the King Kong Of Feminiscity, the Goddess Of Her Crew
She Repping Ripset yet enemies have weakness to presume to
I've seen her attributes, strong, unconstrained and Proficient
She spits with such assailment and her poise remains sufficient
Have You Ever Seen Words Spoken So Vicious?
DId You Notice The Angry Pucker in Kisses?
Comprehending Till You Don't Understand My Wishes

Cleaning me
He's purging me
And moving me around
He's bathing me
And he's claiming me
And moving me around
Around and around and around
And around
Watching me, claiming me
Moving me around
He's purging me
He's been cleaning me
And moving me around
And around


If one word can describe him: Floating. And I can't help but keep noting
This Nigga got me so wet, I'll need "boating", so I'm promoting his devoting
His kisses are an Illustrious Paradox...God In A Box...
The Hood Mutters the Starts Of Glocks...And The End Of Clocks...
With Hushing Bullets Flying Around, Life Can Make No Sound
Silence Measured Pound For Pound, Yet the Eerieness of it all Shakes the Ground
...But I feel Unafraid, Cause His Personality is portrayed like a Blockade
Warming me Up in The Ides Of "March", I feel like HIs "Parade"
In The Eyes Of God, I feel Like The "Eve" Of His Heart
I'm 'Crying' With Art, So Just Writing This Tears Me Apart
I've Seen The Chosen Land When His Bedsheets Expand
He's never a fast man, so I'm "Testifying" Everytime his piece takes its "last stand"
I love the way he speaks, Each Syllable ends with A Intellectual Critique
He's so antique & I'm like The "Paparrazzi climbing a Mountain", I'm at My "peak"

He's just like the water
I ain't felt this way in years
He's just like the water
I ain't felt this way in years

12-10-2005, 09:30 AM
Nice Drop Chyna

12-10-2005, 05:49 PM
Good drop. Lol @ ChynaDolla

12-10-2005, 07:43 PM
good shit. The first half of FlyBoi's verse was hot and chyna was definitely on point as always.

12-11-2005, 02:02 AM
nice as usual yall

its always fire when we get together and come up with shit man im lovin it!