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11-27-2005, 09:54 PM
Odin The God has returned….
Its been a long time
been a long time comin'
Its success or failure for me now man…
But ya know dbg…theres no turning back now
This is what u up against
This is what we are…

You can hate me now (eastside)
But I won't stop now (Real Talk)
Cause I can't stop now (cell block)
You can hate me now (C'mon)
But I won't stop now <You gonna hate me I'ma hate you too>
Cause I can't stop now <Simple as that>
You can hate me now <Die motherfucker die motherfucker die>
You can hate me nooow <You don't give a fuck We don't give a fuck>
Do it now, Do It now, <weak, jealous motherfuckers,>
do it now <Fuck y'all>

(verse 1-odin)
Don’t hate me, cuz im a worthwhile MC,the odds I defy
You don’t compare, a whole week for a reply?
Eye to eye, your crews consoling
Grabbing crucifixes, slowly folding
Envious eyes beholding, ur body twitches
Lead flies in ya
Most morbidly portraying textile sinner
Vocabulary goliath narrator, lyrical dictator
The win throne curator, to you worthless vindicators
He flaunted his posse, til he got infiltrated by traitors
Perhaps my skill is a bit suppressive
Your unimpressive when ur crews recessive
This death row civil war
That I stand for, artillery vaccine
Let the critics convene
Pussy niggaz scared to exhale
This verse steams
Your whole squad I surpassed
All the props I’ve amassed
The articulate MC who spits in monotone and contrast
The first rapper to have a whole clique annexed
But u still wanna hate?be my guest. I suggest…

<numbers aint power niggaz
we got tons more skill than yall niggaz>


Come see us now, come on see us now I told you(lets go)

(verse 2-Leon Fluxx)

Die Nigga Die!!!!!!!!
Nigga You cant hate me, Or hate the skill-i-concieved//
This aint a Gangsta's Ambition, just Hustling Dreams-I-Beleived//
Double Crossing Sceamz-I-Decieved,God will never be Relieved//
Most niggaz get too much power and money then ya-losin-it///
Gettin writers block trippin on rhymes like he can't find shoes-that-fit//
Fluxx n Odin tru Gz.U aint Mantana,or Carlito U stupid Son-of a-bitch//
When we spit its like Niggaz Rhymin in ice, Cuz I froze-his-game//
I dont choose-the-fame, Fluxx on top.. Nigga u still below-his-name//
Ryder a fucking Fame bitch.. Odlin Nigga!!..Please Blow-his-brain///
GunZ Clappin, Ryder.. a rotten dot com pic waitin-to-happen//
drag ya head on the ground just for scrapin-ya-cap-in///
Ryder can u spit?Drop some shit? I'll put ya face-in-ya-crap-then//
I can see the fake-ya-raps-kid, can't escape-when-ya-backed-in//
stick my keyboard up your ass, now I'm rapin-for-action//
so sharp, I assault-swords with rhymes tighter den taut-cords//
pay me for a verse, it'll be our secret you "bought-words"///
Ya-ain't-got-a-chance, like paraplegics, ya-ain't-gotta-dance!//
Ya-brain's-got-entranced, My text is hot like I ironed-these-words//
Cock my keyboard n fire-these-verbs,CBM n Odin r "flyer"-than-birds/
Ryder, ya piece-of-shit, don't even post, I diseased-ya-spit//
Battle me is Suicide.just stick a gun in ya mouth and release-the-clip/
Boom!!!!!!! Die Nigga Die!!!!!!!!!

(you think ima come this far and let u niggaz cheat me now?Fuck you too)Do it now!


(I like this, im lovin how this feels)

(verse 3-odin)
Theres a thin line between destiny and fate
Leather, and sewer grates, true talent and overrates
Dilates, and sedates
Banging war drums
Infected, spoke blasphemy, I left lead in his lungs
Socially shunned, the burners turn Dirty to a widow
A riddle wrapped around these 2 colorful skittles
The desolate one, your drops sink to the bottom and rot
Tried to see me in bars, cut him, but his blood didn’t clot
Never stopped bleeding, neither did the applause
When I speak my sermon it’s a wonder I don’t rip off my jaws
Tried to blackball me, but I called on flux
Instead of goblets, his lied up drinkin outta hospital cups
Niggaz fear what they can possibly command
Hate who they cant align with
I guess u require a retirement plan
Came at me, left his body unfurled
Im never fallin, im as real as they come
From day one, so quit stalling…

<hey y'all can't ever be a nigga like me, never in your life>
<and that's what you can't understand>

come niggaz, get this shit over with!
Until u lost, it wont ever stop!
this shit is classic material. Its aimed at DBg and more speciaifcally ryder. nana and loc know whats up with that lol. Comments areappreciated niggaz

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