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11-19-2005, 09:57 PM
My homeboy told Dat Nigga Reb a while back to make a keep a list of every song he ever produces & he did. This is an exclusive ist that Reb gave to Black Jus II who e-mailed it to me. Now I'm presenting it to you. The list will also be on Blood Money Entertainment's Murder INC & New York Gangsta Rap website that's comming real soon.

Dat Nigga Reb Discography
We Don't Give A Fuck - DMX (featuring Jadakiss & Styles) (Taken From Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood)
Killed A Man - Mic Geronimo (Taken from Long Road Back)
Fly High - Mic Geronimo & Ja Rule (Co-produced by Jimi Kendrix & 7 Aurelius) (Taken from Long Road Back)
Fuck you - Ja Rule feat. 01 & Vita (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Taken from Rule 3:36)
I Can't Wait - O.D.B. (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Taken from Nigga Please)
We Murderers Baby - Ja Ryule & Vita (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Taken from Murderers)
How Many Wanna Die - Ja Rule (Co-produced by Irv Gotti & Lil' Rob) (Taken from Murderers)
We Gettin High Tonight - Black Child (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Taken from Murderers)
Crime Scene - Dave Bing, Black Child, Ronnie Bumps, Caddillac Tah & O-1 (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Taken from Murderers)

Slippin' Into Darkness (Unreleased) - Ja Rule, DMX, Jay-Z (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Outake from Group ALbum)
Look Into My Eyes (Unreleased) - DMX, Ja Rule & Jay-Z (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Outake from Group ALbum)
Terrorizer - AZ (Unreleased)
Firm's Theme (Unreleased) - Nas, AZ, Nature & Foxy Brown
Take It In Blood (Unreleased) - EVE feat. Styles P, Jadakiss & Ja Rule (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Outake from Ruff Ryder's First Lady)
All Or Nothing (Unreleased) - Fat Joe (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Outake from Jealous Ones Still Envy)
Bump Heads (Unreleased) - Rakim (Co-produced by 7 Aurelius & Chink Santana) (Outake from OH MY God)
All My Niggas (Unreleased) - Cam'ron, Mase & Harlem World (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Outake from S.D.E.)
Thug Passin (Unreleased) - Cam'ron & Charli Baltimore (Co-produced by Lance 'Un' Rivera) (Outake from Confessions of Fire)
Kedamean (Unreleased) - Cam'ron, O.D.B. & Ja Rule (Co-produced by Darrell 'Digga' Branch & Irv Gotti) (Outake from Cam'ron Murder INC Demo)
Life Or Death - Ali Vegas (Unreleased)
Steel Bedz (Unreleased) - Ja Rule, O-1 & Jody Mack (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Outake from CMC)
Major Rap Figgaz (Unreleased) - Jay-Z & Criag Mack
Certified Gangstaz (Unreleased) - kurupt, Ja Rule, Shade Sheist & Nate Dogg
Murda Muzik (Unreleased) - Benzino, Hussein Fatal & Black Child (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Outake from Redemption)
Neva Surrenda (Unreleased) - Bizzy Bone
Don't Sleep (Unreleased) - Crooked I, Eastwood & Ja Rule (Co-produced by Irv Gotti)
Half A Mil On YO' Head (Unreleased) - Ja Rule, Fat Joe & Nas (Co-produced by Irv Gotti)
Keep Bustin Back (Unreleased) - Ja Rule, Nas & Fat Joe (Co-produced by Chink Santana)
After Life (Unreleased) - Fat Joe, Nas & Ja Rule (Co-produced by Salaam Remi)
Never Take Me Alive (Unreleased) - Ja Rule, Nas & Fat Joe
Industry Beatdown (Unreleased) - Nas, Fat Joe & Ja Rule (Co-produced by 7 Aurelius)
Ashes To Ashes (Unreleased) - Crooked I feat. Chink Santana (Co-produced by Darrel Vegas) (Outake from Say Hi To The Bad Guy)
Clap Your Hands (Unreleased) - Royal Flush feat. Big Pun & Noreaga (Co-produced by Irv Gotti)
West costra Nostra (Unreleased) - Jayo Felony (Co-produced by Tyrone Fyffe) (Outake from Crip Hop)
Till The Death Of Us (Unreleased) - Jayo Felony feat. Ja Rule (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Outake from Crip Hop)
Malcome X (Unreleased) - Harlem World feat. Mase (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Outake The Movement)
Block Lock Down (Unreleased) - Jaz-O, Jay-Z & Sauce Money (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Outake The Reasonable Doubt)
U Wanna Battle (Unreleased) - Jaz-O (Co-produced by Irv Gotti)
Put A Hit On Em' (DMX Diss) - Freaky Tah (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Outake Anther Brotha STuck In Poverty)
Sudden Death (Unreleased) - Freaky Tah feat. Royal Flush, Sauce Money, Tragedy Khadafi & Mic Geroninmo (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Outake from Anther Brotha STuck In Poverty)
Real Ruff Rydaz (DMX Diss) (Unreleased) - Freaky Tah (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Outake from Anther Brotha STuck In Poverty)
Diamonds Are Fo' Eva (Unreleased) - Freaky Tah feat. Cam'Ron, Mase & Charli Baltimore (Outake from Anther Brotha STuck In Poverty)
Pov City (City of Hardknocks) (Unreleased) - Freaky Tah & Caddillac Tah
Bustin My Gat (Unreleased) - Littles (Co-produced by Jim Kendrix)
Take Me Home Tonight (Be My Lil' Baby) (Unreleased) - Jaz-O, Ja Rule & Ashanti (Co-produced by Irv Gotti)
Keep It Gangsta (Unreleased) - Lil' Cease (Co-produced by Irv Gotti)
Change Gon Come (Version 2) (Unreleased) - Ja Rule (Co-produced by Irv Gotti)
Burry Me Wit A Nine (Unreleased) - Newz, Coke & Maino
Niggaz Acting Like Bitches (Unreleased) - Black Child, Charli Baltimore & Ja Rule (Co-Produced by Irv Gotti) (Outake from Murderers Part II S.D.G.A.F.)
Mash On Haters (Unreleased) - Caddillac Tah, Ronnie Bumps, Black Child & Ja Rule (co-Produced by Chink Santana (Outake from Murderers Part II S.D.G.A.F.)
Last Testimony (Unreleased) - Mic Geronimo
Crookyln Soldier (Unreleased) - Memphis Bleek
MO Money & THe Power (unreleased - Jay-Z (Co-produced by Irv Gotti) (Outake from Hard Knock Life)
Auto-Matic (Unreleased) Tracey Lee
Niggaz Done Changed (Unreleased) - Lox
Troublesome '05 (Unreleased) - Crooked I, Tha Realest & Ja Rule (Co-produced by Irv Gotti)
catch a body (50 Cent Diss) (Unreleased) - Sauce Money (co-Produced by Irv Gotti) (Outake from Middle Finger U)
Wanted Dead Or Alive (Unreleased) - Sauce Money & Jay-Z (Co-produced by Irv Gotti)
Go To War (Unreleased) - Peedi Crakk
Evil That Men Do (Unreleased) - Darcsyde feat. Ja Rule, Mic Geronimo (Co-produced by Irv Gotti)
Stab Somebody (Unreleased) - Grafh
Bring It Back (Unreleased) - Jay-Z, Ja Rule & Sauce Money

Lil' Blak-Jus 2
11-19-2005, 10:04 PM
That's a lot of good unreleased gems that most people will proubibly never hear. I'm glad Reb made that list & e-mailed it to me. I told him to keep a list of songs.

He's been doing it big. He's the east coast's best kept secret. I hope he gets famous. I still can't believe he's done all of that.

My nigga only works with the best fuck G-Unit & Mobb Deep. My nigga done so much work with Ja Rule it's crazy.

Keep Doing your thing Reb. Congradulations on becomeing Mic Geronimo's manager too. I hope you too do it big & get Mic a real career & contrcat. Hopefully Murder INC. Holla Niggaz this Lil' Black Jus & we doing it big in queens represent niggaz.

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11-20-2005, 07:10 AM
dat nigga reb is nice, he did some shit with the late odb too.

11-21-2005, 10:12 AM
the list contain huge potential hood anthems
I like jay-z/dmx/ja rule collabs


11-29-2005, 06:33 PM
is there any possibility to get those unreleased tracks?