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11-18-2005, 11:15 PM
In this week's Pulse Report, the streets are buzzing about The Lox airing out Diddy, 50 Cent's "gangsta" GQ cover, G-Unit on the cover of XXL Magazine yet again, and The Game's G-Unot hairdo.

1. The Lox vs. Diddy... Again. Wednesday (November 16), The Lox appeared on "The Angie Martinez Show" on NYC's Hot 97 to address their beef with Diddy. As it has been reported earlier this month, Jadakiss and Styles P have decided to stop putting out records until they can settle their current business situation with the Bad Boy Records honcho. In the surprisingly honest interview, Jada and P revealed a lot of behind-the-scenes information to their fans about their contract with Diddy - claiming that they've paid upwards of $3 million to get off of Bad Boy, that Diddy owns 50% of their publishing, and that every time Jada puts out an album Diddy gets a $300,000 advance. The boys from D-Block got very worked up during the interview, saying that they are currently on their seventh lawyer in an effort to get their publishing back from Diddy and that he is " the devil-in-disguise." In response, Diddy called into the show, urging the group to act more mature and see him in his office, instead of airing him out on the air. The group then explained how they have been trying but Diddy has been giving them "the run around" with his lawyers. Jada ended the interview explaining to his fans that his beef with 50 Cent is more of a "lyrical WWF"-type feud that he could keep going forever if that's what they want, but that his beef with Diddy is real and has been going on for about ten years. He then claimed that months ago, the last time he sat down with his former boss, Puff compared the situation to The Beatles and Michael Jackson. "'The Beatles can't talk to Michael Jackson - cause Jackson got the publishing.'"

Last night, Diddy appeared live on "The Angie Martinez Show" to respond again to the Lox's claims. Among other counter arguments he said, "I would have signed that deal", Diddy said, referring to the Lox's initial contract with Bad Boy, "But also to keep it real, I would have been so on my business that I would have been at that office trying to make the deal better. Don't feel sorry for people that are lazy and then blame it on the other person. They are not on top of their business, but they need to get on top of it. Forget the beef, the talking reckless Sit down, and handle it. Before you even meet with me, sit down with your accountant for three hours and go over your life. Manage your life, sit at home by yourself and read your contract word for word. There are books that I have for them [like] Publishing 101." To listen to both interviews in full go to hot97.com.

2. 50 named GQ man of the year. After dropping his sophomore album and making his motion picture debut, 50 is ending 2005 by gracing the cover of GQ Magazine's Men Of The Year issue. Actor Vince Vaughn and actress Jennifer Aniston also grace the two other covers. "50 Cent had a great year. He started out with a big record and finished with an ambitious, sort of revealing movie," Mark Healy, GQ editor, told The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith. Interestingly, Fif's honor isn't the most noteworthy thing in the issue. Heads are buzzing about Mr. Jackson looking quite, uhhmm, uhhmm, happy on the cover. On it, the muscle bound rapper, wearing black pants, a white shirt with cut off sleeves and an untied black tie wrapped around his neck, does his best Zoolander pose. GQ's Men Of The Year issue is on newsstands now.

3. G-Unit gets XXL, again. The Guerrilla Unit is once again blessing the cover of XXL Magazine. This time, Fif, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Olivia, Spider Loc and recent additions Mobb Deep, M.O.P and Mase, all grace the January Love/Hate issue. In the G-Unit feature, Mase declares, "by the time I come out, I'll be the president of G-Unit." In addition to the cover story, the issue also includes a recap of 2005's highlights as well as features on Jay-Z and Nas ending their feud, Mike Jones, Superhead, a tribute to late Vallejo, CA rapper Mac Dre and Buffie the Body - who gets crowned Eye Candy of the year.

4. 50 disses Lil Kim on new Whoo Kid mixtape and Jay and Nas team up courtesy of Joey Fingaz and Mick Boogie. Fif decided to pick on Kim on Whoo Kid's recently released Hollywood Homocide mixtape - celebrating Shade 45s' One Year Anniversary on Sirius Satelite Radio. On one of the skits, Fif randomly asked, "Lil' Kim is in jail right? Let's find out if Lil' Kim is in jail" before adding. "I heard they ain't let her go to the place where Martha Stewart was at. They said, 'you kidding me you nigga bitch, get in the cell with the regular people.'" Whoo Kid then questioned whether Kim would receive preferential treatment, to which Fiddy replied," Special treatment. They said, 'are you kidding me you nigga bitch, get your ass in cell number 3.'The Queens DJ then inquired, "Don't she gotta maintain that surgery and all of that?" 50 answered, "Yeah, her cheeks are gonna fall out of her face. When she come back, her left cheek is gonna be where her chin was. And her chin is gonna be right beside her ear." The Queens rapper then went on to clown people who get plastic surgery and mentioned that actress Vivica A. Fox was "running around acting like she crazy cause she can't have the magic stick anymore." On a more peaceful note, Cleveland's Joey Fingaz and Mick Boogie have just dropped God's Gift featuring Nas and Jay-Z. The CD features a collage of various Nas and Jay verses over instrumentals like Raekwon's "Rainy Days" and Kanye West "We Major," giving heads an idea of what the highly anticipated collaboration could sound like. Joey Fingaz and Mick Boogie's God's Gift is out now.

5. The Game shaves G-Unot in his hair. So much for Chuck Taylor being embarrassed about his feud with 50 Cent. The Compton lyricist recently appeared at the 3rd Annual Vibe Awards with "G-Unot" carved into the back of his hair. Interestingly, Game was on stage to accept the Best Hook award for "Hate It or Love It," which also featured 50 Cent.

6. Ja Rule and Ashanti perform at Bat Mitzvah. Ja's shows might have gotten canceled due to poor attendance earlier this year, but The Inc.'s flagship artist and its princess recently rocked the house at eighth-grader, Amber Ridinger's Bat Mitzvah in Miami, FLA. Though the event took place several days prior to The Inc.'s money laundering trial, CEO Irv Gotti also attended the celebration. Omarion performed while his brother Marques Houston looked on. The whole fiesta cost $500,000.

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50s "gangsta" cover shot.

http://www.thepicplace.com/images/finesse27/50v.jpg (http://www.thepicplace.com)

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haha 50 looks like a fag

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XXL is just another part of Interscope, man