View Full Version : Juelz Santana Says Cam Won't Cooperate

11-18-2005, 11:09 PM
According to an article in today’s (Nov. 18) Washington Post, police are fed up with rapper Cam’ron and his lack of cooperation in relation to an Oct. 22 shooting that left the rapper with gunshot wounds.

Police said they have still not been able to locate the rapper to question him, but are looking for ways to force him to cooperate.

Officials noted that Cam’ron is on five years probation for a gun conviction charge in New York and they are considering subpoenaing the rapper to appear before a grand jury.

According to Dipset member Juelz Santana, an artist on Diplomat Records/Def Jam, Cam - who is the CEO of Diplomat Records – will not cooperate with authorities.

"Cam isn't going to do it," Santana told the Washington Post. "It's not in our nature. He isn't going to stand up and point out a guy in a witness line and say, 'That is the dude who shot me.' We all came from the street."

The shooting happened early in the morning of Oct. 22, after Cam’ron and 30 associates attempted to enter H20 nightclub where Sean “Diddy” Combs was hosting the annual Homecoming Blockfest.

Cam and crew were turned away at the door due to dress code violations.

Cam left the club driving his 2006 Lamborghini with his entourage following, some in a pink Range Rover.

The rapper – who was wearing over $200,000 in jewelry - stopped at a red light shortly after leaving the club, when a man exited a burgundy Ford Expedition and open fire on the Lamborghini as well as the pink Range Rover.

A D.C. Protective Services officer in a marked police car witnessed the brazen shooting, which left Cam with a minor gunshot that struck both arms.

The gunmen fled as the Protective Services officer gave chase. Eventually, the Expedition crashed into a parked car.

The men were stuck in the SUV, but shot out the windows and fled.

A search of the Expedition yielded fingerprints, a Nextel phone and shell casings. Police also recovered a .45 caliber handgun that was dumped in an alley.

According to the Washington Post, police tracked down the Expedition’s owner – who said he rented the SUV to someone else.

Without the cooperation of Cam’s cooperation, the case will likely stall – despite having a potential suspect.

"We need the cooperation of witnesses and victims," D.C. Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey told the Washington Post. "I can't relate to that mentality. I can't comment on that thought process. I don't think much of it. I don't see the logic at all."

Juelz said the entire incident was rooted in jealousy over the group’s success.

Cam’ron is preparing his upcoming album Killa Season, while Juelz’ song “There It Go! (The Whistle Song)” is currently #12 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Rap Charts.

Juelz is also preparing to release his own album, What the Game's Been Missing.

"There are all these people who love us and respect our gangster," Santana said. "But there are people who want to test our gangster. . . . Some people hate to see you on top."