View Full Version : Funkmaster Flex Airs Out The Source

10-21-2005, 03:34 AM
Funkmaster Flex has responded on-air this week to a recent article in The Source Magazine that alleges that he and other members of New York's Hot 97 have been involved in various questionable activities-including payola.

On Monday (Oct. 17) and Tuesday (Oct. 18), the top-rated DJ devoted much of his evening broadcasts to responding to the article. Ironically, Flex never mentioned the article specifically but rather talked about the magazine's various problems over the years and called out Source principals Raymond "Benzino" Scott and Dave Mays. Flex also encouraged anyone else who had beef with The Source to page him. As the evenings went on he would periodically read pages from a host of artists and executives including 50 Cent/G-Unit manager Chris Lighty.

In response, The Source addressed Flex's comments in its "Daily Dose" newsletter. According to the story, they believe that Flex incriminated himself when he asked how Benzino couldn't even pay someone to play his music.

"Can you explain something to me?" asked Flex. "When these guys had some money, how come they couldn't pay to get their records played? That's the thing that keeps sitting with me, if you can pay, why don't you pay and get it on?"

The Source alleges that that statement is proof that of the fact that Flex has taken payola. That said, the magazine has produced no physical evidence to back up their claim.

Benzino and Mays have also taken to the airwaves. The duo appeared separately on rival station Power 105 to respond to Flex's statements