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Originally posted by Dissaholic

FINISHER! Tha number 1 thing in a battle
(Its tha hay maker tha knock out punch better make it hard nigga!)

OPENER: Not as important as tha finisher
(But its good to start your verse on a hard note to make tha readers wanna read tha shit
Instead of reading tha 1st two lines and makin up they mind that its gon be wack)

PUNCHES! – Don’t be fooled fool, number one most important thang period
(You can decide this on tha type of punches…humorous punches, hardcore punches,
Serious punches, Personal punches, dependin on tha voters opinion which is harder hittin)

WORDPLAY! – tha second most important
(although ya don’t need to play on words to make a punch..which fucks a lot of MCz here that think they do
But they are good to have for tha reader to relate too and most puns are humorous)

METAPHORS – Only if there is any which there hardly ever is
(They are hot if you can land one but people get them mixed with puns and/or similes NOT THA SAME THANG!)

MULTI’S! – instead of tha build up to your average rhyme at that end of tha bar
(Gives you a flow when ya rhyming every two words in between punches or whatever and go well with hot vocab)

PERSONALS - personal attacks
(There is personal punches that make it effective, but they dont have to be if people and others no tha history between tha two MCZ battling then they can mark on that also)

VOCAB – Tha bigger tha vocab of tha MC tha mo exciting tha flow is
(Makes punches, multi’s, metaz and ya flow so much better than stickin to tha same ol shit)

FLOW! – a lot of people and including myself don’t think its that important
(But without flow there is no rap, may not be as much needed in text cause its hard to anticipate
Tha mind state of tha writer, but is important all tha same BUT not a vote changing category)

Structure – Tha least important
(Its pretty much how tha flow comes across, if tha lines more or less match tha same length of tha bar
Then your structure is good, not a vote changing category)

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Ya final comments on why ya went that way and chose those categories and if ya want ya fav lines….that would look like



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Final Comment:

And if ya wanna go all out ya fav lines

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