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07-15-2005, 09:00 PM
Intro/News report:

In todays MIO News: The ever controversial Rap Crew Ripset, Kings Of the mother fucking jungle,
Have just released another killa track dropped under the alias SpiritLifta,
MIO groupies are running wild trying to rearrange they mangled brains,
In fear of a complete wipe out of all they dickrydin lil hoe/groupie stupid niggaz,
All tho noone knows the exact cause of this lyrical assassination,
Resources tell me a number of less fortunate crews,
Have joined together in conspiracy to assassinate the character,
Of not only “CHYNA DOLL” But of CRU DUECE RECORDSZ as well,
LOC, The alleged ring leader of it, is furious at Chyna Doll & Ripsets verbal assaults,
On Ripset rejects, Ripset Stalkers, YG Ent. And several other corny soundin mother fuckers,
Are understandably shaken up by this drop, the question they want to know is,
Why’d they get this bad bitch “CHYNA DOLL” Started,
Chyna Doll, from what seems to be the main target of this conspiracy,
Was not available for comment But released this statement:

Chyna Doll:

“Its not about what she sed, or what he sed,
Or what he did or what she do, its about…,
Niggaz & bitches, power & respect, rydahz & punks,
Whos really hood & whos fakin it, whos side are you on?

(BOMB 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

[gun cocked, six shots, bullets hit ground]
These niggaz is still fuckin talkin?
You niggaz still breathin? Fuckin roaches, aight
Aight, it's the Raid for your cockroaches

(All day, everyday)
It's the raid for you punk motherfuckers
(The pump in yo' ass)
This is it nigga! Ripset Style
(Outlaw lifestyle)
- bring it!

(Ha ha ha)


Allow me to introduce 1st~~~(Gun shot)

Spirit lifta putta curse on a nigga, (R.I.P)
Pull da trigga right between-z-eyeeeees,
When I spit da, “niiiiiine” like I spita rhyme,
Murk ya’ll niggaz 20x, I’ll show you genocide like Hitler,
Nigga destroy all mankind,
Aint no fuckin shaky fingaz when I bangs miiine,
Like fuckin land mines, nigga I comes proper,
Im the type that amazez doctors,
Passin breath tests drunk as fuck off vodkaz,
Verbally fabulous,
I’ll rip out the steams of ya ribs like sum cannabis,
This shit is skandaliz, don’t know if you can handle the embarrassment,
Microphone vandalism, Givin bitch niggaz aneurisms….
Clap & hit em, have him bid-ridden, when da hammer gets ta spittin, (Click,)
Its good writtens (good riddens) Hood rhythms, niggaz we hood trippin’,
Crack ya vertebra, like vasec-tomies hom-ie don’t get it twisted,
I’ll killa mother fucker in an instance leave his wig split,
Cause im a few sandwiches short of a picnic,
Then split ina quick-nik second, the cops come you dyin by the minute & get arrested,
R.I.P Murder MCZ, niggaz ya’ll lookin restless, howI left cha breathless,
Wet up & bleedin, don’t wanna test this, demon in the fiendin go for your necklace,
Eat ya bones for breakfast, cannibal selections, un-understandable perceptions,
Get to beggin under dis smtih & Wesson, nigga im stepping with lethal weapons,
Leave ya shot up mother fucker with ya whole leg blown the fuck off,
Put the sawn off in ya mouth & pulla buck shot!!!BLAP!
I’ll lay you flat on the matt, fo fuckin with my squad specially Cain&Able dawg,
I’ll soak ya with blood stains, like a corpse ripped apart on a fuckin table cloth,

(BOMB 1st!!!!)

Bye bye bye, let's get high and ride
Oh, how do we do these niggaz but I'm not gon' cry
I'm a Renegade killa, GKGQ die too
Lookin out for YGz, nigga when I find you
Weak motherfuckers don't deserve to breathe
How many niggaz down to die for me? (Yeahh-yeayy!)
Ripset ridah, comin right behind ya
Should've never tried to speeaak
We want money, hoes, sex and weeeed
I wont rest till my road dawgs freeee, bomb first!

We, bomb first when we ride
Please, reconsider 'fo you die
We ain't even come to hurt nobody tonight
But it's my life or yo' life, and I'ma bomb first
We, bomb first when we ride
Please, reconsider 'fo you die
We ain't even come to fight tonight
But it's my life or yo' life, and I'ma bomb first

Chyna Doll:

Imagine for a minute, yourself in the same shoes
The same sense of survival and the same nothing to lose
My black spots make white squares fall down like dominoes
Rinse these hoes, dats used to rubber snakes like hose
Register the fifth, I enter, raise more heads then face liftss
I make ya lips shift, Mullatoo Santa Clause resigning ya gift
Cover any smiling looking things like a solar eclipse
IF you fuck wit Da Rips, Ya chest be tighter den jeans from Chips
Raise all hell, I got so many shells, they call me the snail
HIt you so hard, I make ya mama wail, it blow & you sail
I am here to make an announcement, "I got these bitches sent
and till all competition went, I will be here to set ya'll up like a tent"


Bomb 1zt when we ryde, Stayin strapped, Cuz my phone'z tapped, Unleashin da pain
I feel inside
Stayin with more K'z, Than Karl Kani, Ckari Mr. Bedstuy, It'z R.I.P. till da day, I dye
Multiple gun shotz, Wit infa red glockz, Iz how we, C.M.B. the whole block
Resurrectin the real code of Thug Life, Created by Pac, Slangin rockz, Out my sockz
Until my heart, Stopz
Duecez up, Trayz down, Im takin da crown, Cuz C.R.U. iz the whole talk, Of the town
Yall catz aint even on my level, Ya better bow down, Cuz my arsinary iz Kurupt'd
Assonate ya whole, Proclomationz, With 2 clipz, Out my pound
Automatic mausburg, I ain't on no D.P.G., Im on a str8 grand larsiny, Spree
Robbin TTP and L.O.C.'z, Entire manhood tree, Cuz yall repz are smaller
Than Jermaine Dupri, Eatin puzzy, On both kneez
You say u runnin forumz, Thatz a joke 2 me, Who really wantz a piece,
Of the verbal, Bernard Hopkinz, Out of da trap
Clappin off 2, 2 Fluxx'z back, Endin diz backpack, Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey rap
From deze original queenz of comedy, With a shady king, Az der openin act

We, bomb first when we ride
Please, reconsider 'fo you die
We ain't even come to hurt nobody tonight
But it's my life or yo' life, and I'ma bomb first
We, bomb first when we ride
Please, reconsider 'fo you die
We ain't even come to fight tonight
But it's my life or yo' life, and I'ma bomb first


Cain&Able ready to pop in poverty, mah guns stay in pov city
I'm a badder boy then P.DIDDY, hold more protien then a mother's titty//
Those things reign like Caeaser, Brutus stabbed in da back and can't admit to ceaser her//
Crowd awed in silence, crowd pleaser, when ya bitch crowed on my dick like a tongue teaser//
I like guns and boxing matches, so I can cube my smoke and box up da weed in batches//
I throw more fouls then dey catches, sitting up, I can make more people worry then taxes//
People up in Cain, they know i remain, ready and set to maintain, in a lane and be sane//
Cocky is only to express when ya ass is in pain, have men "A low Down Shame' Like Damon Wayan//
Shadyzking please don't test me, I usually pop dudes like you that sweeter then Nestle//
Trying to battle me, and win? Man, forget it and learn to respect me, you best be//
I turn your ass inside out like butt~ons, suckshions, I think Shadyz ma had sex wit a cousins//
Thats probably why her son is fat as gluttons, pass suckings, lost like nuts in muffins.


I take off mah Drawers to Luther Vandross
Its nothing, if Chyna Got Da World In RiiPset, then its Yours
The Haters wanna walk around, flip a time and talk shit
I'm a wall street bitch, ya'll the "against the street wall' bitch
Listen this shit ain't no conspi~Racy
The only way to be racy is if someone was fucking here to chase me
Conspiracy? I'm a con, I come around your perspire
Ain't no competition to da Ripset fire, that wouldn't take us higher
Ain't nah group, dat got all members in da squad dat's da shit, witout poop
We circle our words like a group, Flow say textee, cause his silly lyrics can't fit in da loop
His talent is stamp ons, Shadyz bitch hater, hope you brought extra tampons
So you can keep the lampons, sit back and get ya cramps on
Its time to realize the truth
If this was the Titanic, Ripset would be gettin off before the youth
Cause this boat is sinkin fast, and it ain't gon last
And ya'll could 'act' all you want, you still not part of the cast


07-15-2005, 09:34 PM
im guessin this was a comeback 4 a diss i made to u but if dats ya best i would hate to see ya worst.dont get it twisted nice drop.its to bad i cant see wat type of dum shit u mite say cause im goin vacay.not bad 4.5/5

07-15-2005, 09:42 PM
the intro is shit haha....no1s gangin up on that bitch, she gets it all brought on her coz shes a fuckin dickhead nuff sed...

neway THE MULTIS & RHYMES IN SPIRITS VERSE WERE CRAZY!! yo...that shit was tyte ill i wont even front.

Chyna ur was aiight not ur best....Nana had sum good ish, C&A was all good....CKARI seemed to be slaggin off man i dont kno, it jus wasnt all that good to me....but its wateva

good drop overall fo sho....

07-16-2005, 10:44 AM
hmmm Spirit lifta and chy had da best verses, but everyone's was on point. Shadyz this ain't no reply to what you did. Everyone in this drop is like 15X better then you are. its not even competition

07-16-2005, 12:31 PM
intro is a joke , Pac made a better intro

07-16-2005, 10:29 PM
Originally posted by GUNS
intro is a joke , Pac made a better intro

Only idiots care about intros. There is a fuckin drop there. Dat shit was hot homie, Definitely uppin it.

07-17-2005, 02:54 PM
On Ripset rejects, Ripset Stalkers, YG Ent. And several other corny soundin mother fuckers,

This was funny.

07-17-2005, 06:42 PM
i thought ya'll culd have done mo with this tho...still falss short....an actuall good concept fo once....a good diss....and some of u came weak....

AND OVER A PAC BEAT!!! I kno most of ya'll is NY rappers, (Who not taken nething away from NY mcz, coz they tyte) but they have a mo lazy flow) Seemed like u had trouble matchin the caliber of BOMB 1st! such a passionate spit...most of ya'll was lazy the only 1 who put the effort into it and seems to be actually listenin to the song at the time was spirit lifta and he turned pacs verse into his own with alot of passion...was feelin it...

NANA came hardest next....then prolly chyna, C&A etc...ckaris style on this killed it tho jus bein honest...

but like i sed it was a decent drop

....i suggest when u remake songs.....pick em wisley and when u do try to remain true to the feelin of the song & pay respects & do it justice to the artist u takin it off.....Like when ya'll did Niggaz Bleed A biggie remake that was tyte...and easy fo u to do bein it ur style of rappin


07-17-2005, 06:50 PM
ah...this came out good, props to all my niggaz & bitches on this peice...shit was hot they aint fucking with RIPSET...

I was listening to it at the time though your right...I Luv pac and especially that album & song. I was listening to it & it just seemed right & to fit our situation as i see it.

and i tried to match pacs verse bst i could. that is the reasons for the long Niiiiiiine and shit like that.

tight shit...