View Full Version : David Banner and Buckshot Let U-Mix-It

07-14-2005, 05:26 PM
New releases by Davis Banner and the Chemistry collaboration with 9th Wonder and Buckshot will feature tracks that allow listeners to create their own remix on select tracks. Other artists that will feature this remix technology is the Def Jux crew (El-P, RjD2 and Cage) and Aerosmith with a a soon to be released 20th anniversary remake of "Walk This Way" by Steven Tyler and RUN DMC .

The Umixit technology delivers an artistís music in a format that provides 8 to 16 discrete channels, allowing the user to mix and remix the individual instruments in a song. Remove or lower Keyboards, vocals, bass and more. There are also open tracks that allow you to record new instruments or vocal parts. Create an instant remix by replacing acoustic drums with the included dance loops.

Umixit General Manager and Co-Founder Marissa DeVito agrees. ďOur technology is designed to add a little extra excitement to a music fanís purchase while helping labels sell more CDs, and after our technology helped boost the Aerosmith You Gotta Move DVD to quadruple platinum status, the labels started noticing.Ē