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06-12-2005, 07:22 PM
Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2005 6:38 am Post subject: "Where We Livin" by Underdogg & Immortal Soulj


Title: Where We Livin
Artist: Underdogg & Immortal Souljah

(Verse One - Immortal Souljah)
This is a song bout society.. where we heading and where we at
Check It Underdogg and Immortal Souljah
Yo we living in a society today wher every is lickin sum1 elses ass
we got the lower class to the upper class and whatever in between
but yo the things we see when ya open ya eyes is a hell bad suprise
a life where we all seem to chastise like a hole fucking enterprise
I walk down the street this shit that i see makez me buckle over
with a shootin sorrow and a seering disease to watch people tumble over
into nothingness going from good 2 bad from bad 2 worse its fucked up
the herion addix and the onez on methadone stealin shit so they can huck`up*
noone helps eachother out no matter been bashed or raped for fucks sake
noonez out there to be a friend or lend a hand to cross the street to date**
If you dress different you cop punishment even if u like different music
man this world is all fucked up and confusing like a cube of the rubick
i got mah homiez but they all thinkin they too hardcore to lift a finger
i got my ambitions to be a singer or famouz rap artis itll always linger 14
ill help out at any cost i dont care if incures a whole love lost
man whatever happend to back in the day wit jesus and the pentecost*

(Chorus - Underdogg)
The streets are an unfriendly place
to make it in this world make haste
Where everything is fast paced
And only blood an tears on ya face

(Verse Two - Underdogg)
A nigga's death gettin as popular as cigarettes, what the fuck is goin on
It's like peace has been deceased but regardless I'm flowin strong
Mothers mourning till the morning cuz they son avoided the warning of death
Niggas still kill thinkin it's a product of free will till they last breath
Daily bodies buried in the cemetary, despite all the activists
Tried to get off the streets put shit over beats but Im back to this
You either get mobbed or robbed, so havin a job is pretty useless
Put down the crack pipe, dont act like you don't see the abused kids
Cuz in the hood kids are no strangers to danger, I know you hear em
A kid's brains on the sidewalk, he died, chalk missin cuz cops fear em
Society is hopeless, not even the Pope's kiss can save us
Whether you ridin wit glocks or rocks, you're a slave cuz
All we feel is pain, nothin to gain but memories of your friends
On the block you put in work, if you get murked there's no ammends
You know kids were mislead when their piss red, there's no love*
But who cares, everyone well aware but wish upon an angel from above

(Chorus - Immortal Souljah)
The streets are an unfriendly place
to make it in this world make haste
Where everything is fast paced
And only blood an tears on ya face
Immortal's Verse One
*pay for it
**blind dudes
* back in the day... jesus helped

Underdogg's Verse Two
* red piss = blood

06-13-2005, 10:02 AM
im feelin this collabo too i like the topic yall chosed to rap on
both drops were gud but i think urs was betta
nice 1 keep it up

06-14-2005, 11:20 AM
yea, nice 1, i think itz a tight callabo

06-15-2005, 09:12 AM
Thanx you two, glad you guys liked it. :D

On the first site we posted this on, people said the same thing as you jinder lol. My friend took it the wrong way. Now he talks shit all the time. :blahblah: haha

But thanks once again.

07-04-2005, 02:25 PM
And once more, we up my last drop on here for Gizotti to see I ain't no vanilla rapper like his whole fuckin crew.

Witness tha illness. :itsok:

07-04-2005, 02:29 PM
sorry 2 be a bit late , but

i love it !