View Full Version : So-Fly Vs fuckgunit

06-06-2005, 11:30 AM
Yeahh Man Lets Get Him man HAHA
He can't fuck wit me man HAHAHa Fuckin clown..letss goo

Yo, The whole Unit Should walk home
cuz So fly's in da air Murkin Ya'l ja should be GONE
Dead or alive This Nigga can't buy him a fuckin life
Fuckin with tha Boss He'll meet the damn knife
The set Up No cheers Like Obie trice
This ain't no harmony this BANG thang is ordinary
I came You Gone Like O-Harry Get ashanti on his Belly
I Nail ya out Cuz Im allreadu mad ashanti got Nelly
Faggot ass your No rapper your a fuckin amutear
This shit's low Cuz Right naw I ain't spittin with the dough
Niggaz Hustlin strugglin streets callin Im here NOT runnin
Pac show me My eyes On the street Is thuggin
Fuckin a bitch suckin my balls That ain't Lovin
Gunit Should be Fuck When I flipp them Birds
G unit Them niggaz wit no ballz Is them fuckin nerds
Go retire Like Jay-z Im hot Like fire Thats why I purple Haze me
Weed me When It need me Look I ain't lovely
Frustration is on & The high-won Gets Ugly
like earth wind and fire Im still up in the Hood like hoodstock
Niggaz Hood rock waitin fo my dick to blow em the COCK
can't forget the 4 4 fuck the police When Im Ice
In a battle Rappers Think Im flow Rhyme is Nice
Give it a try when You wanna copy it like I
And I don't die till you droppin blood in your eye it ain't lie
HAHHAHAHAH... Halla fo yo boi Come back at me fuck unit HAHahha

06-06-2005, 12:28 PM
When i bring the facts just chill son

Coz your an ugly fuck with a fucked up nose that could match owen wilsons

You wishin you had Ashanti, she wouldnt want you to fuck her

Not because she's in the states, but coz she needs ya credit card number

You dumb fuck, i aint here to play

You never gonna get an INC girl, what more can i say

Your just a fuckin dork

And you remind me of a goldfish the way you cant help having second thoughts

So Fly, its like your Lloyd Bankses gay porn man

Im sure you bought ya comp to cyber on the cam

Coz a good game of pokers like your sex life, all in the hand

Ja would hate to have a pussy on MIO

You better fear my flow

Your writin shit on da forum wat, waz out like a year ago

I know you feel it though, coz u bout to die

Dermo, Guns and Kain they'll hang you out to dry

I aint even about the fight

You havn't posted much on da site, but luck older than fuckin counter strike

So listen kid dont even try to test me

Your a bitch, i bet u change your pads every three periods like wayne gretzki

Well come and see me, i'll kill you mate

Ill have u lookin like 50 cent, only one difference ill have bended your teeth fuckin straight

Cumon MIO decide dis bitches fate

06-06-2005, 01:59 PM
yo son Yo better be prepared for another one son
You talk shit Im da real talk where ever you walk
Can't steph into my game Cuz I spit rimz harder than The Game
G unit cant done it Like me son you shouldnt have ballz 2 came
how old ru Cuz Im scared If I meet you I might walk on you
Stomp on you You Nigga Likes to Bite On you
You can't figh on me Your like Brooke Valentine and her girlfight
Im tough Like B-I-G and P-a-c fuckin a endless cat right
Tell them Niggas That My dick is large like anaconda
and they smellin pussy N virgina like the Gunda
ashanti is mine Fuck that Nigga tryla stole her
R U L E Kickin you on the Line better than NELLY
ERR Time I Rhyme You go straight to My BELLY
You dumb ass You aint shit your juzz like JELLY
I'll bounce you like Bow wow while you be wonderin How thow
your mom is da slut and your sistah is that Hoe
everytime she sees me she goes down on tha Low
Respect your mouth your juzz a marathon Children
Im da gangsta whos runnin and murderin
From glock 2 glock Not like adam sandler
Not like chris Juzz like a Twiss
I kick you back and forth Your against the LEAN BACk
so fly fucks gunit Juzz like that

06-07-2005, 12:01 PM
Can some1 vote on dis

Poppa $
06-07-2005, 12:12 PM
yea ia go with fuckgunit.he had better wordplay and syllables and punchlines especiall the owen wilson line.

sofly:box:fuck gunit

06-07-2005, 08:11 PM
Originally posted by Poppa $
yea ia go with fuckgunit.he had better wordplay and syllables and punchlines especiall the owen wilson line.

sofly:box:fuck gunit

:agree:, good rounds tho from both