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05-30-2005, 12:21 PM
i got so much compliments from the shortened version
so i had to make it longer, like jacki- o extensions
here it goes my story, of these hoes i mess wit
and how after i "burn" em, they need a first "aid" kit
i fuck a girl, get her nigga then straight up trash em
cause most of them be fake like female orgasms
im a "dermatologist", i like to get "under the skin"
and i got mo" black women" than "Thomas Jefferson"
i make em "cheese" everyday, cause they all want my "cheddar"
i "cut" they pussy up, make it look like "paper" from a "shredder"
im like an "enema tube", go in the "crack" and cause mo pain
done made more high men(hymen's) dissappear than crack and cocaine
i leave em "saved", "on their knees", head down on my "altar"
giving "Alotta Vagina" like my name was "Austin Powers"
my "head" be all in her mouth, that's all i "see" inside of her
we a team, i "run in back", and she the "wide receiver"
i luv "pictures", cause i luv how women "flash me"
im so hard, a garbage disposal wont scratch me
they say im "irresponsible", cause i "hit" and then "dip"
and leave her with all the "kids" like a "condom tip"
im on top, i reign; control the weather, prepare ya clothes
cause when i spit, it rains, but when i cum, it snows
i lick in circles, make the pussy shine like a donut glazed
im the king, have the juice drippin out in ripple waves
aint afraid to go down, even when they menstratin
cause i make em drip so much til they die from dehydration
the condom breaks everytime from the force of my cum
and she be screamin so loud that even Beethoven need earmuffs
im on rehab, tryin to get off the "crack".....WORD
but "cold turkey" aint workin, i'd rather "fry this bird"
i fuck, "no strings attached", so throw away your "thong"
the only games i play is "King Dong" vs "Donkey Kong"
she might break her leg, cause i dun crippled many bodies
but i balance it; i add another"bone" to their anatomy
aint afraid of HIV, i ate out this chick that slept everywhere
she "squirted" on my head and "permed" my hair

05-30-2005, 12:26 PM
whoah lol. That was crazy. hahahha
"I had to make it longer like jacki o extensions" lmfao

Then the thomas jefferson line was crazy haha.

It was very funny. You and C&A both always made me laugh lol.

05-30-2005, 05:54 PM
Dat was good shit talent keep it up