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05-17-2005, 06:36 PM
************THEI CHI***************MIAMIMURDAMAMI****************** THA ROW GIRL*******************************


these people knew i was the "Don", i was named that from conception
Bran the "Don"(Brandon) was my name then fans changed it to Talent
this is a horror movie i wrote, 100 people's in the cast
i use my backyard as a graveyard, for those who died from my wrath
i play dangerous games, like stranglin niggas balls with bras
my "games" be puttin "caps" in niggas, and this aint "baseball"
if homegirl bite my dick while suckin, im gon break up her jaws
and put my fist in her cuchi, and stretch it 6 feet tall
if you step on my shoe,i'll slap you up like ike did tina
i'll take the vengeance from God's hands, and put a bullet through ya urethra

Ripset is everthin` ta best ta bling is scary
U-Gang and LUR glitter like Mariah Carey

Our style is so unique and petite they can call us a Lyrical Boutique
Any nigga give me Cheek, i'll turn out your Jaw When You Speak
Make my knife you a Smiley Face, to replace, the Frown's Place
Balancing the Race, check niggas like a Warface Case
Its insanity, when people hold they Chest like the Epitomy of Feminity
It better be, ya'll think we ain't the best line, then Sentence Me
We so frozen we swell, but give YOU the Cold Spell
By now you know us well, the Set that with a Shotgun Shell We bring Hell
I'm the Leg splitter, go-get-her, drop more Jew'ls then Hitler
While you those shit sitter, getting bitter, making three company like John Ritter
My glock mess, see your story on C.B.S, you face a shock-cess From The block's Best
Crew kill you b4 the 6 am clock bless, you will be more rare then the Loch Ness



Queen of Thread...Its Early In the Mourning, Its Dawn of the Dead!
'Skeleton' heads, Ya'll 'rattling', I tell you to make 'no bones' about what I said
If you put me 'on the rocks', I'll be so cold, I put you under the 'boulder'
You 'Dip', like 'sauce and Doritoes', when you got a "Chip" on your shoulder
If I hear a bitch talk from sources, Pull her 'pony`tail', i can't hold my 'horses'
Endorses say to move me from one spot to another, you'll need special forces
Here's 'two stories' of my beatings on a 'two-story' bus like I'm a 'double-decker'
I'm Homewrekker, Hit my 'checker board' on your face, I'm a chin-checker'
And we rocking it, stone you, they call my gun a "Heavy Metal" bit
Because your heads bob with it, U'll be 'in tha dirt', but I don't mean a 'mosh pit'

(Ckari *aka* YuNg GiZZoTTi)
Stop, Drop, Ckariíz bout 2 open up shop
Oh, No, Thatz how Rip Set rollz

(Ckari *aka* YuNg GiZZoTTi)
I come threw, With fresh air forcez, Vanilla dutchez, And a crisp, Lebron Tee
My brain wavez are so construed
Im a student, To my own, Hip Hop, Psychology
Mafioso Affair, We keep it layered, All the way, From Brooklyn, To Atlanta
Stayin around kyllaz and coppoíz, With 2 bandanaz, Lyke Juelz Santana
Rollin deep, With Thei Chi and Chyna, By my side, In my 9, I confide
Got u verbally hypnotized, Itz a lyrical gangbang, When we drive by
Rip Set, Rip Set, I shout it out, With pride, Till the day, I die
U dont want war, Ill point da barrell of, My-Ami, 2 u, From my escolade,
In the county, Of Dade
Make u a full tyme slave, 2 our verbal raid, Cuz da RIP iz similar, 2 Abu Grave
C & A, Will let da semiíz spray, While Talent, Will have yall un-balanced,
Off hiz wordplay
Comptonz Finest *aka* Tha Row Gurl, Got all yall hoez, Stashed up in her ďKĒ
Makin yall look lyke, Macy Gray, With a bad hair day
R.I.P,, We runnin da whole industry, Who u gon get, 2 stop, Are montagez
Cochoraníz dead, And the fedz, Still kant get uz, On conspiracy chargez

(Ckari *aka* YuNg GiZZoTTi)
Stop, Drop, Ckariíz bout 2 open up shop
Oh, No, Thatz how Rip Set rollz

************THEI CHI***************MIAMIMURDAMAMI****************** THA ROW GIRL*******************************

05-18-2005, 07:45 AM
it was good.