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04-24-2005, 11:17 PM
This is unofficial. just wanna see what ya'll think. I would like to hear from bsquared and doll


You May Get ĎCAINEDí, But You Ainít Gon Be ABLE To Feel Da Pain/
Once I Disconnect Ya Neck Nerves From Ya Brain, You Wonít Feel Da Same/
You Getting Served Like Plates, I Spit Da Verbs Dat Murk Ya Page/
Itís Like You Writin Wit Changeable Markers, Da Ink Hits Da Paper & Fades Away/
Iím Tyter Dan Braids, Iím Ridin For Days, ReNeGadez Spittin Fire On Hay/
Makin Bon Fires Put Ya On A Stake In Da Middle & Dance Around U Like Wild Slaves/
For Ya Trickery In Ya Verse, From Ya 1st Spit, I Can See You Da Worst In Ya Set G/
So Cain&Able, Ya Game&Fables Wonít effect me, U Gon Really Rest In Peace ya Bitch/(Ripset)
1 Word Of Advice, Donít Fuck Chyna Talent Already Fucked Her Twice, & His Dick Still Get Drips/
Oh You Already Gave Her Head, Its Evident From Da Pussy Words Dat Pass Ya Lips/
Iíll Ash My Splif, On Dat Ass When Ya Past Wind, So Everyone See You Jus Blowing Smoke/
Ur Flows Iz Old, You Getting Broke When I Soak Ya Dome/
Real Thugs Be Blowin Chromes & Chronic Smoke, You Steppin To LOC Iz An Ironic Joke/
Considering You Say Iím Literally HopeLess, But Now You Wanna Beat Da LOCNESS 2 Look Dope/
Followed Me All Da Way To The Row, But You Forget Da 1st Name Iz Death/
Dis Ainít MIO, Suckin A Big Amount Of Dick Will Not Give You No Amount Of Respect/
Iím A Climb U Canít Comprehend Like Sir Edmunds Everest, Iím A Mountain To Ur Spec/
And Iíma Have You Workin Da Block Like A Pimp, & Keep Da Biggest Amount Of Ya Check/


Look nigga, my guns and inventory got a sense of humor...like they my laughing stock
Thats a quick metaphor to shock, but really...imma shoot u as soon as i get my guns cock`d
Loc, you can't even beat the easiest name! Its sickening that u in ill fame
I drink the fountain of this hip hop game, you gargle in it ,like with shame
You riding Perfect Visions hard cock so much, thats why you got a stiff upper lip
I know everywhere you go you walk with a BIG STICK, just so you can't trip
Why did you think you can beat me? Ever stop to think and forget to start over again?
If ignorance is bliss, you on a climax campaign, i pour my bad blood through ur vein
Your soul purpose on here is to be a warning for all those who act cocky
If you a boxer you definitely not rocky, Against R.I.P but definitey not stocky
And who ever said this battle isn't gonna be knockout, i might shout out
That they fake without any doubt, this battle is to fester out true voters all-out
"Pride" is what loc has, but "Vanity" is everyone else has in humanity
Does that seem fair in sanity, Man, u must be getting "INTO" instanity
I think there's too much PUSSY in your TESTOSTERONE system, so they improvise
That would explain why you be battling Chyna, like ya'll wear the same bra size
Lets play some gangsta Hide&Seek, you pass away, when i pass your way
U seek a way to run away, I'm looking for different ways to hide my prey
Only fat dudes talk are so upstuck but, fall in my deathtrap, u probably get stuck
You losing your weight in dignity, got enough EXERCISE just from PUSHING your luck

04-24-2005, 11:31 PM
do u guyz always need to bring ur battles from there to here, r u dat non confident u need a second opinion.

wateva jus seems weird to me u guyz always have to bring shit over here

04-25-2005, 12:40 PM
Originally posted by LOC
do u guyz always need to bring ur battles from there to here, r u dat non confident u need a second opinion.

wateva jus seems weird to me u guyz always have to bring shit over here


04-25-2005, 12:42 PM
it seems a LOT weird to me that u are scared of me getting a second opinion. I dunno no body on that site and u do. shouldn't that give a reason for them to vote for u more. meanwhile on this site u been here longer and u probably still know more people, but i know people too. that won't lie to me. what are part of getting a second opinion intimidates you.

04-25-2005, 02:32 PM
i will not vote, but i'll give an analysis later on. im kinda tired now.

04-25-2005, 04:11 PM
i dont kno eitha of u really (as jarulez_gurl) but i gotta say i feel Loc woz betta on this overall, but gud battle yall

04-25-2005, 04:33 PM
Read da sbuject

04-25-2005, 08:18 PM
fair enuf C&A, Chyna STFU

1-1 MIO

2-1 Tharow