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03-07-2005, 06:51 PM
The Game Talks About The Beef
KSFM 102.5 FM is back with ANOTHER interview! We just hooked up with Game for an exclusive interview where he told us about his current beef with 50 Cent and G Unit and how this will effect his beefs with other artists as well as his label situation and Dr. Dre. Check out what he had to say!

DJ Wreck: Game tell us what happened on Hot 97 with Funkmaster Flex in NYC on the radio?

Game: Basically 50 tried to air out all our dirty laundry on the radio. This was no place to be talking about internal issues that were going on at that time but he did what he did and decided to air me out like that. One thing that Curtis Jackson needs to realize is that when you call someone an outsider that means you really don't know them. You know what I mean? He doesn't know me and now he will pay the price for what he has done. I put that on God.

DJ Wreck: Did you see any of this coming or did this stun you as much when you heard it at the time?

Game: I knew 50 had problems at the time. It wasn't that all the problems were with me per say. I knew he had issues with Dre, Aftermath, and all the people you hear him calling out on his records. The dude is a joke man. I mean all this lets blame Game for everything is totally just a front. He got bigger problems. He want to fill Pacs shoes. He once said to Ja that Pacs shoes were to big for him to wear. I feel that wore Ja's shoes. 50 is a singing ***** trying to benefit off of Eminem and getting shot nine times and living off of other peoples legacies and accomplishments. His career is on a downward spiral. You will see. After this album, he aint going to be the same rapper you see now. He still is affiliated with Jimmy, Eminem, and Dre. Sooner or later he is the one that will have to stand alone and you will see he won't.

DJ Wreck: Game, what was the real beef you guys had. It was always rumored that Buck was the closest to you in G Unit and that Lloyd Banks never ever saw eye to eye with you. What really happened?

Game: Banks is a little pansy. I am sorry. The dude so feminine it aint even funny. I can see why he 50's little girl. I mean we on the radio so I aint gonna say what Banks really is. He was always intimidated to roll with a ***** from Compton and someone who would bring 300 bloods with him to a venue or to NYC. Buck and me were cool on a musical level and I had love for him till he aired me out. He chose his side. I gotta smash him like I gotta smash the rest of them clowns. I really believe that 50 was right about the jealousy factor. It was him who was jealous of me. He wanted to be the 2005 Game but what he really saw was Game was the 2003 version of 50 Cent. He couldn't handle that and then the division got worse.

DJ Wreck: What about the rumors that you guys faught that you supposedly started, I mean is that at all accurate because this one is one that a lot of cats are talking about?

Game: Yea it happened. He can deny it but we got into a heated argument over 50 and his beef with Nas. I told him that it's between you all. I told him I don't want any part of that beef. He was loaded at the time. Curtis would have you believe he doesn't consume any alcohol but he got a little to big for himself and approached me. I basically took my hand and slapped his face away from me. A few cats got in and it was over. It goes back to he thinking he bigger and more powerful then anyone. I don't run from beef but I aint trying to get into beefs I got nothing to do with. I got dragged into plenty of beefs in my time and I don't need this one. I will tell everyone out there now that this Joe Budden and Domination beef was strictly for that clown. It wasn't on no me vs them. It was never about me. I fought his battles that he wasn't man enough to fight in. 50 and the G Unit are cowards.

DJ Wreck: That Domination and Bang em Smurf beef got intense there where at one point he was talking and laughing about the murder of Billboard and you were making comments about Dominations cousin Freaky Tah. That could have gotten out of control where someone could have got hurt.

Game: It did get out of control. I thought someone would die over that. I only beefed with them because of 50. Thats it. I even stated that many times that I had nothing against them cats till they called me out on wax. Then I came at them and it got to the point where it was getting serious. Not to many people know this but this was actually squashed in D.C. I ran into Domination and he was about 100 deep and I was about 100 deep and guns were about to be drawn but we talked and I told dude we can handle it however. He said that he riding for Bangem and before it was going to end up in gunfire we said that this really is 50 Cent and his beef. Domination said don't ride for that cat and I said I got no problems with you as long as you keep my name out your mouth. We did what we did and it was over.

DJ Wreck: So your beef with Domination was officially squashed? I was wondering because after his last underground track " put it in your mouth ", I noticed you didn't retaliate.

Game: I didn't because that is when I seen dude in D.C. We almost had it out and we actually squabed because thats how I do it. He got some good shots in and I threw a few snuffs and it was done. No problems now. It got back to 50 and again it was something that he didn't like that I squashed but again unless you are trying to kill me, I am taking beefs seriously. It's funny you should mention Domination because I got a response record to that clown 50 and I am putting Domination and Bang Em on that track with me.

DJ Wreck: What about Dre in all this? Where does he stand?

Game: Dre? I talked to Dre last night for two hours and he can speak for himself and I agreed to let him do that. Just to let you know though, I am on Aftermath and aint going anywhere. Me and Dre are from Compton and we are tight and he backs and supports me all the way. Dre is like an icon to me and he told me not even to trip. I aint trippin but Dre will release a statement on this when the time is ready. I know you want something now but I can't give it to you.

DJ Wreck: Will you have a diss track out on 50 and how does this effect your other beefs?

Game: First off, I deaded all my beefs. Me and Jigga are cool. I have been done with Buddens. I got no issues with Domination now. As far as Yukmouth and Gonzoe, they would have to squab before we end that. I can't respect Yuk for being a two faced little coward. He talks a gang of mess but he will have to see me in the streets as well as his puppet Gonzoe. When I beat the tar out of both of them then we can go out for drinks afterwards. I got no other beefs that I am concerned with. I will get at dude both on and off wax. 50 Cent, this isn't Ja Rule. I ain't Jada or Nas either. You done crossed a Compton G and where ever you go you will see red rags and Cedar and we will be on you. I got soldiers out there thats willing to put in work. You have to see me at some point. No apologies no retreat and no surrender.

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yea this is my station where i live cali/sacramento...i actually heard this interview....KSFM 102.5 yo hip hop n r&b party satation HOLLA

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hood looks

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So if i may ask what is the presence situation of beef between jarule and the game how are the going to settel it somebody should holla back plz.