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02-08-2005, 04:46 PM
i just thought of making this song, it follows every single line from 50's in da club if you follow carefully, please give me some feedback

Bsquared- In Da Tub(In da Club beat)

Go, Go,Go, Go Go Go, Go shorty, time to murk babe, we fuck always, like its time to murk babe, im gone sip ya body,its time to murk babe, and you know that we is gonna fuck,its time to murk babe


you can find me in da tub, bottle full of bubs(bubbles)
look mommy i got da pecs if ya into gettin hugs
im into havin sex not into make luv
so come give me a hug while in da bathtub

Verse 1

when i look at ya rump all filled wit bubs
when theres a 3some so much drama in da tub
honey got some thick legs im gonna show her luv
when you cum like Bsquared them hoes they wanna fuck
honey aint nuthin changed, pants down, dick up
i see them girls gettin wet girls throw them legs up
if you watch how i move you gone know that my dick is stiff
i dun fucked a few chicks they now walk with a limp
im bringin wood all day girl u all hot
grabbin my dick aimin right im hittin da spot
now holla at me when you horny, ill fill up ya hole
my plan is to dig all in till u scream "oh"
full of focus man, the booty on my mind
get some weed in the tub and im still gonna grind
now shorty said she feelin my pipe and ready to blow
after menage trois im ready to go



My hoes, their hoes brought me mo hoes, that got ass all in their gstrings/ my dick gets hard, its true you knew my dick gets up and it aint changin/

Verse 2

i luv the sluts, give ass if you pay em
honey you mad, i thought that you'd be happy i ate it
im that nigga gettin hard when her ass sits right
her mouth cover my dick kinda like it was a knight
when my dick get to fuckin in da tub, mo thongs
with my mind on this chick, if she moan i cum
if her ass gets higher man, just fuckin murk
if you talkin bout lovin girl i aint concerned
i get brain daily, lick the clit till she leak cunt
and if its eight concentrate and let them asses pile up
or, they can go upside my head with their pussy and tongues
girls u know where i be,


Dont try to act like you dont know where we be at, we in the tub all day and night, Bsquared's unit, ha ha

02-08-2005, 05:39 PM
LOL! Seen This Done Before But Decent Drop..