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12-13-2004, 02:40 AM
The "Label with More Criminals than Talent" Award (Murder) Inc.

Let's see. This label has one-bird-brain shy of being-a-songbird Ashanti and a munchkin studio-gangster Ja Rule as its so-called headliners. The manager/bookkeeper's a reputed money launderer, and the CEO's ongoing relationship with a well-known drug lord has him in the middle of numerous murder investigations and charges of tax evasion. You be the judge on who the real breadwinners in this company are--legal or not.

The "He Kinda Makes Cents" Award - 50 Cent

Inspired by Kobe Bryant's recent playa foul, 50 Cent reports that he videotapes all sexual encounters within his bedroom walls in case any of his former flings decides to make any false rape accusations. Brotha's got a valid point--now show us some of that Vivica tape!

The "Damn, He Sucks?" Award Lloyd Banks

Lloyd was wrongfully fingered as the star of a gay porn flick called Bam 2: Thug.Ultimately, the real actor (Ty Lattimore) came forward to claim credit, lifting the load from Mr. Banks' shoulders. G-Unit? Let's not go there.

source (http://rapnewsdirect.com/News/2004/12/12/04.GS.Awards/)

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wtf is this

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