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09-21-2004, 03:38 PM
Ya Punch on me was Dope but the Rest was a Bore...Verbs din't Fall Off, U Dropped some Depth in the Floor...Say Good Night kids, cuz V Put to Rest on the Board...And Write Bars Across ya Face, So when u look in the Mirror u can see ya Actions with the Rest of the Board...

And these other Kids betta proceed wit Caution......How Can U Fuckin be the Answer when there Was Neva A Posed Problem....i'll Solve'em when i Shoot-at-Dude.....Look i'm Cruel-wit-Tools....and My Banger'll leave 'Answer Neva Found when Played Wit' Sorta like a 'Rubix Cube'........


I'm not Done with these Fool, i got 1 More Punch to Finally but ya Text Life on the Shelf......Emerge wit Ten Welts......And my Verses makes Answers 'Fumble on Words" till these "Fags Blow the Sak" as if they gave "Head ta Yaself"...

Pronounced Dead when Felt, Thats Enough Said, and Buddha ur my Mans but u still lesser....than me, u'll neva be better....2Guns Should have Drops in Hall Of Fame.. so u could see the last time this site 'Preserved Ink in Quantitites" is when The "Pen was used as a Feather"...

Wait Once Again....:::sigh:::

Stick to the Facts and me endin a Failure was neva gonna Last.....Lets Be Real lets talk about past, the only reason more than half the battle corner Quit Text Battlin, cuz the Last Battles they Shyned In, they Also Died In....So come now KISS MY ASS!

Claim cats only seen Fame after they Beat You in Battles...Yo how u gonna claim to be the kid who "Shynes Above Me" when ur Not Fit to even "Kiss the Feet on my Shadow"?

Efficiently Preserve my Rights to the Top of the List...If didn't spit another Punch From now until August u could still put me In the Top of the Fifth...Half the Site Creative Punches are just Awful and Shit....if one cat could defeat me, i'll Hand u the "Metal/Medal of The Battle Corner", if there ever was one, And Shoot u wit an Honor of Clips...

Conquer ya Spits, Fuck ya'll herbs, ya'll aint honoring shit, I'll Give another Diss to Freaky Tah, But whats Worth It...A Essay on why he's Not Wack, and how his Personals are the best of any Verses...(Yeah Right) Dawg ya Punches Hold No Weight, so ya Betta Off Worthless...And To be Honest ya Personal go Below that criteria so u know they are Worth-Less...

And we can go to Combat, but u'll just Emerge a War Causaulty...Family Dressed for ya Funeral in Casaual-T's...Verbal's an Actual Beast...Schoolin herbs lyk the BOE Faculty...

Verb Clap Gats and my Burner'll Put Clip in Mind like Memory Flashbacks...and still Leave "Eyes Behind Me" Faster than Fightin 'Split Personalities'... (recycle of the year)

Watch This...

Funny How YoungPimp keep Takin Shots at the Same Same people that Rejected Him Twice...I guess U can't use the Net to Escape ya Personal Life....cuz i got ya pic and i'm guessin ya Mom Got an Abortion and Rejected ya Twice....i'm Confessin No Lies...And whats Hilliraious in the Moment....i just came back from an Absence and watch how much Hate i get for bein the more with more sense...

Say i dont Know Shit, My Punches'll be played and concepts Already Used...But if ever i need a Dictionary and ur too complex to be ill, why should i listen to you...

Grippen the Tools...Did this Quick in Persistance...If Absolute has Fallen Off, than why Is Response To All My "Freeflow" Intended, ha, but in my mind MIO top 10 list ya non Existance...And There's Only 10 in Percentage...I'm finshed

09-22-2004, 03:57 PM
deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmooooo oo...

y ya'll don't have html here?

ex: <body>
<font face=comic sans ms"> and etc...

09-22-2004, 04:04 PM
Nope. When you want to place a reaction, you will see on the left "HTML is not allowed"

So, too bad.

09-28-2004, 08:45 PM
oOooO iz that so!!!!! im wack ha? when i drop my verse draw urz .. peace!

09-28-2004, 08:56 PM
yall niggas def talk some shit i fuccin rap ta impress any 1 but myself
i entertain myself wit dis shit
its fuccin funny im real see me face ta face
ill spit some shit in ya face then spit in ya fuccin face
thats was hood M Block
Shadow Gz is tha click 219
my shit sounds killa in person
im jus a O G holdin down my set
i rap what i know
its real L y double Sin City Murda mass
if u live in da east and u dont know bout dat den fuck u
o yea its funny niggas noticed i bounced
for a minute

yo i gotta say these niggas talk shit
like they around beef all day
im just on here for fun
on tha side stack doe
make my funds
i dont talk shit i shoot tha ones
these wanna be rappers is garb they did what they done
beef in ma face garunteed ta catch a hot on
pussie ass niggas like u get ya ass beat for fun
roll deep wit abouts 20 bitches
ur crew mainly snitches
and i aint tryin ta go ta jail fuck a conjugal visit
at least u leave wit a cut on ya head dat gone need plenty stiches
and thats real on da m block
roll up on my crew
you see we got da cream and ice
and well serve ya a scoop
let my lil niggas pop shit off den i come wit da boot
10, 20 niggas jumpin you
fuck wit da set u comin at A W
ta ya head catch a bottle a beer
ma niggas got loot and we was rollin fo we set foot in a booth


09-29-2004, 03:34 PM

here we go again...

under pressure have u "comin up for airí like this silly faggot "fell for a pump fake"
fuckin dumb flake, ya drop had a "week endin" like fuckin "saturdays & sundays"
snappin ya back in to, make this faggot only past news, i laugh at this whack dude
grab u by ya chest plate & hold ya "pride against the wall" like flags in the classroom
shread of doubt, that i'll pop ya every blood vessel in ya till they swell inbound
bring u 2 a foot of death & give u a "new reason to live" like renewing wedding vows
sweatin' now? u should feel like a "teen ninja" they way this "master-shread"-ya life*
u gettin' nice? not while i'm puttin "FREAK outta motion" like "sulibics on they weedin night"
ya hot's a fable, i pray that u drop loot warm and yet ya flow remains the same old
lame hoe, ya lines killer? i'll take the murder out ya inc like gotti's renamed label
where did u address me? talk at me all the time, i confess b u luv me or u obsessed b
u fuckin net flea, i'm undisputed ask MI, he'll tell that touchin me is a complex reach
u win? no sir, i pack lyrical text/techs so please tell me Freaky what do u pack n ya holsters
surpass this go-ber, u not even "fit to breath my air" like "reactions of passive smokers"
u don't get it, so i'll type it in slow motion for ya, F R E A K Y I ' L L S L O W B U R N Y A
then put ya "feet n back of ya" cuz Freak's "always a step behind" like a fuckin "slow learner"
cop the point? i'll fuckin grip ya jogular tube in ya esophoguas and make ya stop in voice
"spilt ya body in two" to really make u "half and half" like pizza hut's "toppins choice"

*teenage ninja turtles: character: master splinter or shreader... (master-shread-ya)

09-29-2004, 03:41 PM
that was our battle...don't worry about flowin' back...u said u wanted to battle me and now u have...move on...peace~

uppin for votes....

Murder Inc 845
09-29-2004, 05:17 PM
Votes 2 Verb

09-29-2004, 07:42 PM
votez 2 verb, i kno fo sho' u killed it on those verses, but nigga juz wait... im still wrytng, holla at my pm!! peace!!

10-03-2004, 04:33 PM
:O Want to know what i think? i Think its all just another "womp, womp!" :P

10-04-2004, 02:48 PM
i really don't give a shit want to think lil girl...

it's outta ya league...and it's not even gold skill....

u like 12!!!! tryna pose as a 13 year old, look at a avatar! c'mon guy, i don't play with kids if i wanted to i'd have some...peace~

10-04-2004, 03:29 PM
i think you and lil crown should battle

10-04-2004, 03:45 PM
i wouldn't mind...i would love another win....