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09-07-2004, 02:22 AM
we came up together through hard times/ dark times/ In the park where we use to spark dimes, i go to reminice/ youz my nigga since we was younger kids rockin diapers and pasiphiers/ who would of thought you be eatin with lifers behind barb wires/ i close my eyez and flash back to when we was breakin into cars jus to chill/ and forward to when we blew our first phill up on cloud nine/ I know you doing the same/ cuz thats the only way to stay sane/ jus to let you know/ on the outside aint nutin change/ same bitches, fake niggaz/ they still here/ weed, crack, cane/ its all there/ niggaz huggin the block but barely makin enough to eat/ to be honest/ the only thing that changed is the height of the trees/ seen shamare the other day/ he fly like always/ what up with ason/ heard he moved out to georgia/ anyway/ many say i got a lot comin my way/ some times life is like a dream/ its hard to believe/ but back to reality/ picture living lavishly/ when you get out/ its gon happen b/ but for now imagine it with a passion kid/ i got a corvette sittin on dubs for ya/ come home soon/ youz my nigga/ got nothin but love for ya/