View Full Version : 50 Cent's A Fake, Says Ex-G-Unit Member, Bang Em Smurf

05-18-2004, 02:18 PM

Since leaving G-Unit, Bang Em Smurf has been flooding the streets with mixtape appearances and taking shots at 50 Cent. With a new deal on Koch Entertainment, Bang'Em spoke on his new label and the real G-Unit.

Before talking about life after 50 Cent, Smurf makes a point of setting the record straight on his shadiness, saying the G-Unit general cheated him out of money.

"Me and 50 had a company called Hollow Point Entertainment. We put out Guess Who's Back (buy now). We did it through Landspeed. We were making $5 a record and we sold 400,000 records and I ain't see a dime from that," Bang Em told SOHH.com via phone from his Queens neighborhood. "That's why I started my own company."

Smurf also states that G-Unit's superthug persona is an image and a marketing tool the Queens emcees have used to get to the top.

"Yeah 50 sold drugs, but I'ma kill you and all that sh!t...he don't do that. He ain't never shot nobody, cut or stabbed nobody... nothing like that. None of them ni99as, from Banks to Yayo," Bang Em revealed saying that those thug tales are about his life, not theirs.

Now that he's had his say, Smurf is primed to take his own stable of artists out of the gate with his label, Gangsta Flip Records. With his first artist, Domination, moving mixtapes, the young executive was able to create a strong buzz and ink a distribution deal with Koch Entertainment. And he's leaving an open invitation to work with 50's nemesis Ja Rule and even Suge Knight.

"50 was my man. He had me to the point where I was ready to ride on Ja and them ni99as, but them ni99as ain't never did nothing to me," Smurf reflected. "I never met them ni99as. If they wanna be cool we can even do business together."

Recently, rumors surfaced that Tony Yayo filed the infamous order of protection against Irv Gotti and the rest of the Inc. Smurf confirms the recently jailed Yayo not only filed the papers, but planned to sue the alleged culprits in the Hit Factory stabbing.

"Yeah, Yayo did that. It wasn't Curtis Jackson. Yayo was going to sue them ni99as. He was still in the hood at the time so I guess he was like... I'm a get this money and get out the hood," Smurf explained. "But ni99as had to tell them, nah man, don't tell on ni99as."

Bang Em Smurf's Gangsta Flip Records is set to drop Domination's God Giveth, God Taketh Away this summer.