View Full Version : Tha Tournament Freestyle By Gunz (2 Guns Up)

04-16-2004, 01:23 PM
what,s going on//
see this losers gonna fall//
when they see gunz spit ryhmez//
they know that tha tournament belongs to ice//
surprized az they see , gunz put tha trophy away from rolfsma , verbal and stagga and that fella called Nice//

spittin tha whirling rhym , put my guns in your ass//
i,m feelin like i have a race against time//
before this fella,s bring me down//
before that , i should warn ya all//
before ya are gonna fell ya//
Guns iz still in Controle //
bringin that real shit back //
just like Royce did to em//
i put the same thing on you//
see i,m freestylin again and agian//
to put ya all down//
but now this fella rolf is gonna try to make a point , before ya hitt the ball , i defending tha line//

so ya know , I Roll on ya , Good luck ya all//

04-16-2004, 02:53 PM
u nothin' son u got yaself hyed off ya self importantance//
u see verbal flips ya shit like trapeze artist contortions//
maintain' u spit what's real gunz but i say that it's artifical//
son i'm waitin' on u to blow like dehydrated athletes on a water whistle//
if ya drunk magma fluid for days that only way u spit out fire//
u can give it all u got but like fat kids in gym u still sit down tired//
yo it's crazy how i stay deletin' ya'll pens//
cancel camp so stagga can't say he speakin' in tents (intense)//
see i'm a real nigga dog aint no need for me to curse//
i'm the best thing since JaY-Z gave ya'll the gift and the curse//

04-17-2004, 11:24 AM
First off all , if ya like jay-z,s dicc , you should succ it//
twizted tha real shit , dont forget , i be da one who pull you down//
surprized huh , i be da real shit , dont come up with your fake gun//
i blast ya all down , no hate in me , if anybody diss me//
i put a granate in there ass , and let it blast//
Verbal , dont make me laugh , your good enough for some sticky kids , not more not less//
rais tha fuck up , you would problay doing good in some circus //
or with the fuccin teletubies , succin their diccs , well V i have to slap you now //
before i do that , i should pull you up and give you some fine ass dicc//

Gunzz , Tha Rap-Whirl aka RapHuricane

04-19-2004, 04:53 PM
yo son...lol...

never mind u got it...hands down...