View Full Version : Flows Anyone?

01-29-2004, 12:14 AM
who got them flows...

maybe we can get something poppin off from there....holla back

01-29-2004, 12:19 AM
fail to remember about funny punches cause every hoe has them//
i injure with sudden action like a hoe with a spasm//
so homey go ask them//
about the homet spittin dime//
disable flows and watch it slowly decline//
skills are no show, so show me they fine//
my flow is intricate so it’s only untwines//
i coil syllables ta play with ya mind//
like a crime, scene I stay with that line//
that u can’t cross//
i play cats like horseshoes now who can’t toss?//
cats back to they scuffs to show ya that u just lost//
put them in a proficiency building camp, except one like the holocaust//

they supposed subsequent to Carter there’s never another//
false, cause I’m hot like the sun, safety needed, I recommend cocoa butter//
my technique when it’s peeked is ludacris like Chris Lover Lover//
i go on and on like alarms clock when u lethargic but u can’t plug her//
it’s Dae, remember my name a.k.a. the vocal mother//
i verbally assault ya down then pick u up like a falling brother//
my flows in the pass disregard them cause verbal’s a riddle thinker//
conundrum ya this and that while mounting my middle finger//
rookies on here get too arrogant which causes me to attack, leave them to linger//
how u hard? bitching with elevated notes like opera singers//

i'm getting some beef out without sayin no names...and step it up a notch cause cats round here voting it lame...i'm out...holla back with flows

01-29-2004, 04:38 AM
all u muthafukkas that walk past and have a glance
im tellin you if you want to stay alive
youre takin a chance
you only learn about what i rep
thats language in-depth
the dilligent young rap student
i got a's on all my tests
feel the force
16 bars of deadly thoughts
this is verbal assault meets verbal vicious onslaught
im the wolf daisha tha fox
comparing our game to yours is like an atari to an xbox
check this out suckas
spoonie luv a winner in the game
you been playin for six years and still the highscore aint been changed
young fukkas...

01-29-2004, 01:45 PM
ya previous verse was shacky like ya brain was vaporized and ya heart was dancin' on ya tongue//
ya slowed down ya approach like ya relaxing on me son//
i type again so i pack it back twice//
u the type of cat that'll try to attack me with a cracker-jack knife//
u a silly method kid, i'm doing it major//
my words rebuke ya for barring false whitnesses like i was saviour//
i'm a give the chance to stop and rebegin//
reason being u about to be assaulted on the way by brigand//
this a deadlock thread ain't no wins, no defeats//
all though my flow can replace urs and all that's left of it is now debris//
i can put u under like a corpse with a cover//
u been doing this for a while and still ain't where i stand i guess i proliferate more quickly than others//
of course u would luv to hate my level//
u dissolute, and i subjugate the rebels//
i can take on one and all if ya sking me//
i utter on this sacred art so accuse me of blasphemy//

01-29-2004, 09:36 PM
whut r u doin rappin on me for i didnt diss ya

01-29-2004, 10:13 PM
Originally posted by Spoonz
whut r u doin rappin on me for i didnt diss ya

i was bored when i was in school today and needed someone to target besides them dumb ass kids so i said hey u hit back on the thread so y not fuck with u...lol...no harm meant...

when bellyaching disembarks skills and my thoughts are met//
rookies get lyrically raped by field watches like time is sex//
meditators i hate when ur flows are kept//
i wanna water down ur vision like ur eyes will sweat//
i’ll compress ur vision like ur face is thrusted to a wall//
cats say they not a rookie if they was they’d be a disgrace to them all//
the only way they punches connect if they swung on a call in progress on a phone//
remember no wins or ties welcome to the battle zone//
my flows floats so i’ll let these lines drop//
have cats frozen in my sight like time has stop//
my flow is like a drug the way it triggers cats mind to stop//
i luv to rip cats slowly look at the way i speak it//
no options, no debates, watch they flows go downhill leave them showing a weakness//
hilarious attempts to incite a pro have u seeing more elbows than macaroni//
can’t stop, wont’ stop, acting with phonies//
couldn’t step if I handed them a floor mat, silly loons//
verbally kill u, then shake ur words out like a floor mat, yeah me and spoonz//

01-30-2004, 10:17 PM
who else got them flows? ain't nobody wanna step up?

01-30-2004, 10:19 PM
this is medicore cause the person i'm talking about isn't worth it but i just wanna let him know...i'm quite sure he know who he is...
i was gonna post this in our battle but he bitched out at the last second and i already typed it before i read his reply so i just saved it and posting it now...i took his name out it tho...

this one cat be gay he can mess up a good thing//
he think he good, somebody done got him hoodwinked//
with him i ain’t got to spit it with a high like in my system there’s ecstasy//
i can rip him without effort that’s my specialty//
how many times I gotta tell him can never get next to me//
even if we was in line together there’s a space there protecting me//
so I’ma reach out and touch his hand on the Diana Ross tip//
cause it’s blatantly obvious ur a cheep imitation of a cali great who all can to rip//
bitch nicca get it out ur mind, take a deep breath, and get a grip//
he probably study rap videos on “MTV” got u thinking u hard//
when really u got it backwards like a Latino having SARs//
his flow is unexplainable like a Asian failing math//
i told him one time here it goes again son u can’t beat me in this craft//
his attempts are “foolish” but there “always on time”//
i’m not giving him my all and still i battle him again and still is mine//
so he can “clap back” if he likes//
cause one “down ass bitch” that he can’t beat get it right//
so stop, cause “I’m real”, and rebegin//
G2g but don’t cry cause Carter said all good things come to an end//