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11-08-2003, 06:27 PM
Murphy Lee - Murphy's Law

This album sucks I think - I haven't heard it, I am just judging. But did this album suck, because the single with Jermaine Dupri sucks and gets no airplay on TV or Radio! Does anyone have information about this shit debut?

Murder Inc 845
11-09-2003, 02:24 AM
How U GOnan Judge A Book By Its Cover??? There Are Some Shit Songs On There. But Not A Lot... There Are More Excellent Ones And They Outshadow The Bad Ones. This Is The Best Album By Far To Come Outta The St. Lunatics Camp. I Give It A $$$$ (Outta 5.) Murphy Has Been Getting Hella Airplay On The Radio Here. It's Pushin Gold. But I Don't Think It's Gonna Pass 650,000 Any Time Soon. But It Will Go Gold. It's Sold After 6 Weeks (As Of 11/6/03) 436,794 Copies. Wat Da Hook Gonna Be Is The 5th Most Requested Song At My Local Radio Station, IN 6 Weeks It Has Risen To Number 19 On The Billboard Hot 100 (The Most Popular Songs In America. www.billboard.com) And Is Still Gaining, It's At Number 11 And Still Climbing In It's 12th Week On The Top Hip Hop And R&B Tracks Chart (The Most Popular R&B And Hip Hop Tracks In America), It's Number 7 On The Hot Rap Tracks Chart In It's 8th Week and Still Climbing ( The Most Popular Rap Tracks In America), On Power 106 (A West Coast Station) It's At Number 4 On The Most "Requested 4 At 4", Also On power 106 It's Number 2 On The "Requested 7 At 7", At Power 92.3 (A Down South Station) It's The Number 8 Most Requested Song, And Also At Power 92.3 It's The 12th Most Played Song On The Playlist. Murphy Lee Is Doin Good. My Point Being Look At All Of This And DOn't Judge A Book By IT's Cover. DOn't Sleep. It's Pretty Good.

11-28-2003, 10:42 PM
Okay okay, I didn't read that whole thing but I don't judge books by their covers. Actually I have more respect for Murphey Lee now, his video is starting to get some play on MTV Jams. He isn't too hot but I got respect for him now, his beats are pretty tight!