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11-08-2003, 06:18 PM
I'll won't be doing this all the time, but I was shocked
with all the Ruff Ryders there are, so here are the
Ruff Ryders and their upcoming releases...

Drag-On- "Hell & Back" - In Stores Now
Sheek- "Walk With Me" - In Stores Now
Jadakiss- "Kiss of Death" - Coming Soon
Infa-Red and Cross - "Emergency" - Coming Soon
Jin- "Untitled" - Coming Fall 2003
The Lox - "Live, Suffer, Celebrate" - Coming Soon
Fiend - "The Addiction" - Coming Soon
Parle - "Love and War" - Coming Soon

Artists with Albums Coming Soon - Untitled

Cherry Ganz

I didn't know there were that many Ruff Ryders!

Murder Inc 845
11-09-2003, 01:55 AM
Drag'on Isn't Comin Out Till February 2004. It Was Supposed To Be Out On October 21st. Sheeks Shit Is Steight Fire So Go Get It Now. It's The Best Album To Come Out Of The L.O.X. It's Doin Horrible Tho. It Won't Crack 300,000 Any TIme Soon. In It's 7th week it's Only Sold 264,438 And Is Falling At A Really Bad Pace... It Was Outta The Top 100 In 4 Weeks. I Heard The Lox Is Comin In March. Jadakiss I Heard Is Comin In The Summer. I Heard Infa-red ANd Cross Is Comin In May. Jin Is I Heard Is Comin In January. It Was Supposed To be Out October 7th. Fiend Isn't Comin Until Late Summer Early Fall Cuz He's Tryin 2 Get His Label Jumpstarted. And Parle Was Supposed To Be Out In 1999. But Now It's Bout to Be 2004. Damn Near 5 Years Ago... Prolly Won't COme Out Next Year. Styles Is Comin Fall 2004. LT And Cherry Ganz I Have No CLue About

02-06-2004, 09:13 AM
Past releases by Ruff Ryders include
Ryde or Die
Ryde or Die Vol2
Ryde or Die Vol3 - In the R we Trust

click below for Ruff Ryder releases(AS RUFF RYDERS, doesn't include dmx/lox etc)

02-06-2004, 10:39 AM
speaking of RR do ya'll like that mary j and eve calabo...i think that joint is called promises or something like that...i dunno for sure what it's called but i like that joint...

i dunno if it's out yet where ya'll at...so holla back...