View Full Version : 2 Much hate (dont Sue Me Or hate Me)

10-30-2003, 05:09 PM
well , i think there is to much hate , you know why biggie & Pac Died !!

i,m no Spychic Man , but i can see that something will Happen (Death?)

let,s hope that not true

i,m so Angry about Fuck 50Cent & Fuck Ja Rule

damn , can we Talk ??

well , if they want some body to talk 4 Peace (i will)

but on my own Way (hehehe some Cup off Tea shit and some fine ass R&B Music in Da Background :P)

well what do ya think ???

holla Back @ 2 GUNS 4 Peace (hehe funny new name)

10-31-2003, 02:16 PM
were is the hate on this forum i havent seen that much well just some from our d12online colliegs but thats bout it but no one will hate on u cause this forum is here for ur opinion.


10-31-2003, 05:49 PM
Yeah Dermo is right. But I have noticed a lot of 50 Cent & Ja Rule shit on the forum lately, especially from me.