View Full Version : "The Rain" - DMX & Ja Rule

09-19-2003, 09:17 PM
Shocking information, I found out, that this track on DMX's new album "Grand Champ" was recorded awhile ago. The planned version for this track was suppose to have Ja Rule sing the chorus, and DMX have the raps inbetween. (The song is different, there is a 10-20 second chorus and then a 20 second rap and then the chorus again) Anyway, that song was suppose to feature Ja Rule but quickly that song became just a solo track from DMX on the album.

09-20-2003, 10:58 AM
Thats to bad I would of loved another Ja and X collabo.

09-20-2003, 04:42 PM
ah well were u get the info from.

09-20-2003, 08:05 PM
I got the information on a msn group, and he said that he got the info from a DMX forum, so give me a day to get the source. 8)

09-21-2003, 07:28 AM
cool just wondering.

09-26-2003, 11:12 PM
Dmx & Ja have been beefing for over a year so I doubt it

Da66 EmerGe
09-27-2003, 12:45 AM
Fuckin dmx-this beef he started is bullshit-juss ridin on tha bandwagon wit the rest ofthe emceez-emninem, 50 jay-he prolly juss beefin cuz all trha other ill dudez has beef wit him... how gay :rolleyes:

09-28-2003, 12:26 PM
Jay doesnt have a beef with MI anymore cause he was nearly on Foolish but then Gotti changed his mind cause he didnt want Jay getin credit for something he wasnt part of. Plus Jay is on a remix to always on time.

10-04-2003, 06:46 PM
I kept asking that dude who told me this where he found out about this information and he never replied. I highly doubt this information is true. Sorry guys.