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09-10-2003, 11:43 PM
DeathRow(now know as Tha Row) and Bad Boy records use to be the two biggest rap labels with some of the most famous. Ever since the Eastcoast Westcoast shit both of this labels are barely heard of.

The biggest names from Death Row have all left or died. 2pac, Snoop Dogg, Dre, Nate Dogg, Daz Dillanger, Kurupt and Mc Hammer(who was only signed for a short while).

The more herd of labels these day are - Murder Inc, Shady/Aftermath, Def Jam and Roca Fella.

09-11-2003, 03:48 PM
What do u want us to reply with?

but i really like the pic its cool.

09-11-2003, 10:16 PM
Actually D-Tox not trying to diss you or anything, but you dont seem to know what youre talking about.

First of all Kurupt and Snoop are still on Death Row.
After releasing one album with Dogg House, Kurupt re-joined Death Row.
Snoop never actually left Death Row, he was just given permission to make music on No Limit records, so in actual fact Snoop is still a Death Row artist.
Also they no longer use the title Tha Row, Now Suge is out of jail they are Death Row again.
Secondly how can you say Death Row are not heard of anymore? How can you expect them to be putting out albums when theyre C.E.O was in lock down? What about Crooked I, Eastwood and Spider? These are all dope artists which will drop albums this year. I dont know where you are from but on the West Coast Death Row is still the shit.

As for Bad Boy, how can you say this label is no longer heard of? What about Diddy, 112, G-Dep, Faith Evans and the rest of the Bad Boy family. They are still one of the most talented record labels. They always are putting out album's. Just becasue Biggie's dead, doesnt mean Bad Boy's dead too.

Hope some of this helps you straighten youre shit out, dawg.

09-12-2003, 12:55 AM
WELL ANDBALLER just lettin u know snoop DID leave Deathrow, he left after tupac died, dre left and suge was locked up because he felt he should leave. In one of his and Dres song(cant remember which) when the was on Death Row it said "Death Row is the label that pays me" now they sing it as "Dogghouse is the label that pays me".

If Kurupt is still on Death Row why dont his albums and singles have the deathrow logo then??

Sorry if I was wrong about anythin.

09-12-2003, 01:36 AM
D-Tox, seem's like you are confused, let me explain shit for you. Kurupt's latest album (Space Boogie: Smoke Oddysea) was released on Dogg House records, he only recently re joined Death Row (last year) and is yet to release a new album on Death Row. I think you will find that Kurupt's first album (Streetz Iz a Mother) was released on Death Row, but that was before his time at Dogg House. Thats why his album's and singles do not have the Death Row label.

As for Snoop he did leave Death Row, but technically he is still contracted to Death Row as he was only given permission to record music on No Limit records, he never actually left. Thats why Suge and Death Row made money from the album's snoop made on No Limit (The Game Iz To Be Told Not Sold). The song you reffered to is "Nuttin but a G thang", the line has been changed because although Snoop is still technically contracted to Death Row, he has his own record label and recieves no payment's from Death Row anymore. I hope this help's to explain some shit for you.

If you dont believe the shit about Snoop still being Death Row, get a copy of the September issue of the Source, Suge Knight explains everything in a interview.


09-12-2003, 05:56 AM
K, kewl, thanks for the info baller. I will get that issue of source and check it out. Sorry if i was wrong about some info.

09-12-2003, 01:26 PM
I got that source, but Suge is in jail again and i firmly doubt any albums will b released part from the 2 Tupac ones cause they finished already.

09-12-2003, 01:28 PM
As for BadBoy they finished 112's latest album is eleased under Def Jam and BadBoy but its d last under badboy cause there contact is up and they dont want to b part of it any more cause Diddy just wants all d atention they said. And Faith she hasnt released atin in years she finished.

09-12-2003, 07:50 PM
I don't know about you guys but not many people know about a lot of music labels, when you are talking about everyone in general. It least in the United States, where everything is.

The labels that every knows is

Def Jam
Bad Boys
(Murder Inc would come next)

Yeah Murder Inc is big but even though they say it in like every song not everyone realizes it is the music label.
I think it is wierd because you guys are all like this person is hot and this person is not. In America, where all the music is, a lot is different.

09-13-2003, 03:22 PM
^All those labels are owned by universal.

10-23-2003, 04:21 PM
well the fact is that snoop is still on Death Row (Snoop got beef with suge) Dre = Still Death Row (well suge still got the Right tio bring old album,s out) and i think Dre still have beef with Suge Knight

Suge Knight did show up at the In Da Club Video Shoot , so it,s was a Warning for Eminem,50 Cent , Dr Dre , to dont Fuck With Suge Knight

well Suge Hates Eminem , Dr Dre , Snoop , 50 Cent (i Think) he,s no friends with then

well Dr Dre = Da Don of aftermath (it,s Fucked up that Mel-Man leaves) Read The Source

oh well i read both Mag,s (XXL & Source)

well you cant say that Dre = Bad (he was the VP of Death Row)

oh yeah one Thing : i think Suge Knight is in Danger , i think soon or this Year he,s Going to be killed by some one (i Just know)

10-23-2003, 04:54 PM
^Nice but ist Suge d 1 wit a estrainin order on Dre when all Dre done was got out.

Mel-Man leavin but he a good producer why? im not guarented to get d Source.