View Full Version : Spoonz Vs Jet Ski Aka Fudge Packa Aka Informant

Spoonie Luv
09-06-2003, 08:02 AM
Jet Ski youre a muthafuken faggot
lil dick eater
You gotta break yourself from the habit
Maybe you outta just shut your bitch mouth
Insteada snitchin me out
Whats the matter? Cant flow a rhyme?
Little girl arent you
Oh thats right 7:30 is past your bed time
Immature little brat how you gonna handle that
When you try and buy ja's cd the clerk says put it back
You dont know shit about the INC
You think cube bangs wu
Little bitch you weaker than most think
Jet ski your snitching and stupidity is makin me sick
You dont want me modding so why you ridin my dick
Lil bitch grow up and stop your crying
"Stop teasing me spoonz"
Muthafuka I aint even trying
Im sick of your bitch ass ignorant ways
Good mods know what they talkin bout
You dont even know the meaning of N.W.A
your hiphop knowledge is restricted to the charts
you still wet your pants and
throw the controller when you lose at Mario kart
nasty ass fuck you just ran outta luck
50cent gangsta is runnin amuck
so if id rate your modding id say that you suck
its time for you to fuck off you sick muthafuck

09-06-2003, 08:41 AM
Rip him Spoonie, I agree jeski is a SHIT ASS mod.
I liked the bit about Mario Kart :)

Spoonie Luv
09-08-2003, 05:59 AM
You got to wake up there aint no stoppin me
Spoonie luv is taking over like a monopoly
Open your eyes and realise my enterprise
Jet Ski cries over guys while his bitch ass servin fries
im here to stay now jet ski you be like
Lemme explain it to ya
Thats just it you dont know anything till I explain it do ya?
when your brain finally evolves from a pancake youll still be a snitchy little snake
where you gonna slither off to
wherever you go ill be there to expose you as a fake
so come on if you think youre summin then hit it
spoonie on summin
I did it
But when the shit goes down
They aint never sayin no jet ski did it
If you a jet ski you one of them shitty ass jet skis
Inflatable pool toy
Warning, water height must be at least to your knees
your trains of da rails and its takin the dirt track
bendin down the driver as you take him up the back
look at dat jet ski runnin dicks like a marathon
you got a worm-ass willy but i sport a killer python
Lil bitch take your hand off your cock
Handle your own
You cant fuck wit this and I wont stop