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09-01-2003, 10:58 PM
Bitch you have a lot to say. How bout actually battlin me instead of posting in my thread with spoonie luv? If you aint too scared drop a rhyme...

09-02-2003, 06:53 AM
haha me scared you been hiding for three days,
you aint worth shit just a bitch thrown out to waste,
now you claimin to be tight, you need practice,
your just some religious nerd lookin like ned flanders,(lol :D )
you be tha one giving snoop and dre head, (damn!)
i came lookin for you but already you fled, (pussy)
i been sent to terminate your stankin white ass,
and to disintergate tha rest of your shameful class,
now bring it on none of that pussy shit before, (fo sho)
prove that you got an IQ above four, (really you dat dumb)
you aint neva been on tha real ghetto streets,
i heard bout your ass, tha one that takes 3 seats,
like a butcher i'll slice and dice your rhymes to pieces,
bitch your an embarassment to the human species

now i wanna see if your ass can really rhyme.

09-02-2003, 06:54 AM
bettah not keep me waitin this time

09-02-2003, 08:11 PM
Hot rhyme liked dat shit bout Ned Flanders. But why you have to bring snoop and dre into this??? Prepare to be burned.

09-03-2003, 06:23 AM
wat no rhyme??? cant come up with one?? drop your shit . . . . .

09-07-2003, 10:54 PM
Yo I'm runnin up on you
Whether you packin or not
whether I'm packin or not, Wit the intent to flatten your knot
Shinin like ten diamonds
I been rhymin
I write shit
the paint guides it
spit harder than ten hydrants
Firin on who try to take mine
This playa here send you around and spin you around in the ground waist high
I'm too authentic,
I'll end it soon as you walk in it
Who wanna holler?,
you'll get swallowed in a thirty second minute.
If your record is gold, then stay on your goals
If you platinum listenin to me, stay on your toes
Yo they done it now,
I'm over the edge
These playas wanna stay underground,
that's why the money's over their heads
Undoubtebly rowdy,
I'm possibly the hottest since the nas oddysea
Got haters sayin "How does he do it?"
Aiyyo I gotta be,
cuz ain't a MC hotter than me
Go 'head lie to me, say you know somebody and I'll demolish you
Fed up,
I got rhymes to make you shut up
Have you doubtin yourself, as to why you even have your head up
I shit on,
every contender I pick on
Cuz whenever it's on I'm comin wit different levels to flip on
Don't, whether you like it or not, give off smoke in the cyphering spot
Cuz I'm liquid nitrogen hot
You ain't did nuttin I ain't done
If you ever said something dope I ain't said that
It's probably on the tip of my tongue
I've had it wit y'all,
tryin to bring static and brawl
Either I'ma kill you,
or you ain't make me mad at all
Phony-fuck clicks can suck dick
You know The Baller' spit only rough shit
when it comes to this Freestyle battle shit
It's over,
consider this laced
I'll probably be the first MC to get a Hip-Hop Quotable on a mixtape
The shit you spit
You consider it, legitimate
But you illiterate
I aint feelin you, not even a little bit.

(Shadows Angel.. Bow Down. You know you just got burned. Youre shit cant even touch me. If you think you can spit sumpin worth replying to, hit me back.)

09-07-2003, 10:55 PM
Dont keep ME waiting this time!

09-09-2003, 06:50 AM
tired as fuck but your pushing me to tha limit,
your rhymes are so weak i dont feel it,
your style and structure are bringin disgrace to tha game,
come up with new disses coz they all sound tha same,
that one week old rhyme aint got no affect on me,
stop while you can coz im a deadly enemy,
affected by a mental disorder your living life in horror,
i'll send you to tha coronor, become someone's heart doner,
fuckin with me you must be delirious,
claiming you hot? you cant be serious,
you askin for a real battle but your spitting weak rhymes,
you intelligence is dead, gotcha amazed with my lines,
you been running around with a confused look,
wats wrong? momma forgot to read you a story book?
i'll tear you apart and make you victim 100,
prove my skill to those who ever doubt it

09-09-2003, 06:52 AM
i neva keep anyone waitin biatch

09-09-2003, 08:22 PM
Yo, Yo, Yo
If I'm hawkin you like a bird
It ain't cuz I respect you, god
It's becuase I'm tryin to find a perfect place for me ta shit on
You bitches hear about me
And discreetly set up a date to meet me
To see if they can defeat me
But yo, I ain't ready fa no muthafuckas to eat me
That's why you'll find little peices of MC's in my faeces weekly
You can't beat me
You can't control alt delete me
Slippery saliva keeps my delivery tighter
Enablin me to outmaneuver F-16 fighters
Launchin missiles at wack rap artists like they was targets
Got bitches payin homage
I'll battle you fa anything you own worth pawnin
Rapas snapped, get ya ass cracked like bear traps
Contaminate ya air sacs like tear gas
And I swear black
Try to battle me you won't last
I'll turn ya ass into the artist formerly known as
You stank ass slut
I'll blow you to ashes wit my tactics
Strip you naked and make u hug a cactus
You creatures
Wack emcee's get slapped in they faces fa rappin
Fa absolutely no ryhme or reason I start beefin
Spittin words faster than Puerto Ricans speakin
Keys to make an example outta someone you respect
That'll discourage you fa tryin ta test
Whoever ain't ever nice enough rhyme wit me
Should surrender they soul and combine wit me
Or die violently
I'm tryna be
A millionaire before the year's up
Hungry like the dog wit his ear's up
This little playa wit heart from Fremont Park
The only thing fasta than the speed of light
Is the speed of dark
Wit the jaws of a great white shark
I rip you apart
My state of the art
Lyrical lasers is razor sharp

Hit me back.....

09-09-2003, 08:50 PM
shadowsangel gets my vote

09-09-2003, 08:52 PM
And1 Baller gets my vote.

09-10-2003, 08:29 PM
yo andwhat you just giving baller your vote cause u r both friends or somethin. Both of there peeps are good.

09-11-2003, 04:21 PM
Originally posted by D-Tox
yo andwhat you just giving baller your vote cause u r both friends or somethin. Both of there peeps are good.

its him on 2 other names :P .

09-11-2003, 09:48 PM
Why would I waste my time logging on as two different people, just to give myself votes? Everyone knows my rhymes are hot anyway, I dont need to do some stupid shit like that! I do know And What, he's my boy we go to school together, but I didnt tell him to post anything.

09-11-2003, 10:18 PM
Whats up Shadow's Angel?? Out of rhymes? or you scared? Dont worry I'll go easy on you! Just spit something.

09-12-2003, 01:05 AM
ok if u know AndWhat from school wats his first name? and u might think it sounds stupid but Spoonie also went and made another name, Spoonie made 50centgangsta and said all that shit just so kain would make spoonie moderator.

09-12-2003, 01:22 AM
I aint goin to tell you his name, why the fuck should I? Who are you? do you know us? But I already knew dat shit bout Spoonie Luv. It was stupid, but it worked, he is moderator again.

09-12-2003, 06:16 AM
Originally posted by And1_Baller
Whats up Shadow's Angel?? Out of rhymes? or you scared? Dont worry I'll go easy on you! Just spit something.

hell naw. sorry i been busy and dont you go easy on me!

09-12-2003, 07:59 AM
its time to put an end to your stankin ass,
claiming you tha top dogg, but your tha last,
im above you, my skill is too incredible,
this aint your thang boy, your too gullible,
like eminem you'll be hiring 6 CIA agents,
dont ever test tha level of my patience,
you can try to get at me but your attempts will fail,
i heard how your fat ass broke tha weighin scale,
im tha bitch who'll send you runnin to your grave,
my flow is never ending, yours just fades,
while im here spittin new shit you be amazed,
your speechless and you dont seem so brave,
leave while you can before your pride is shattered,
show everyone your tru colours, that your a coward,
my rhymes are hot new shit with the tightest flows,
you be using the same rhymes you used tha day before,
your shit aint worth replyin to,
go on now lil boy find somethin else to do.

09-14-2003, 04:13 AM
Holla babe,
sup ?? Who's this girl or guy ya bullshittin with ?? I'm glad I'm back, I hope you get my pic soon baby :) I just wanna let you know that I love you very much ;)

09-14-2003, 04:24 AM
dont worry shay this shits just fo fun (at least i think it is).

09-15-2003, 07:55 PM
Yo, I be the indestructible thug,
the type to draw first blood wit eight-ounce gloves,
If you want it, you can get it, so when you can't disarm it don't sweat it,
The bomb'll blow if you tamper wit it,
I'm analytic, so run for cover when I kick it,
Lyrics'll fly like a bullet when the hammer hit it,
While you hoez is babblin, my lyrics is travellin,
like a javelin, to stab you in the abdomen.
Acronyms and nouns, and adjectives, you can't fuck wit tha Baller
You catch damages beyond repair,
my lyrics fly through the boot window to strike the engineer
I can maintain thresholds of pain,
and walk across the sun barefoot lookin for shade
I re-arrange your ribcage like a twelve-gauge at close range,
change the position of your brain
Hard raps penetrate through your hard-hats and all that, kid, get'cha wig pilled back
I scalp you like the indians on horseback,
runnin bull will hit you harder than running back,
stunning man with brave and cunning raps,
swiftly running laps around fourty-eight tracks.
Like uncut crack, fiends keep coming back,
headz is flippin like acrobats on gym mats,
from wax to analogue tapes to digital DATS,
it's critical black, the Baller is ill like that

Yeah this just for fun, I aint hatin on you. Shadows Angel your rhymes are tight, you got talent. I aint tryin to fuck wit that, but keep spittin, I'm just tryin to get my flow on.
Holla Back....

09-16-2003, 06:59 AM
ay i aint got much time dis week. i'll drop sometime on tha weekends aiight? and your rhymes are tight too. they gettin betta everytime.

09-19-2003, 08:22 AM
aiight im bak and ready to kill

ever heard the saying "actions speak louder than words",
you aint gon' do shit, your just a rich boy living in tha burbs,
neighbours waking up seeing your brains splattered on the walls,
discovering the murder weapon hidden behind your dolls,
fuckin with me will getchu on the witness protection program,
im just wasting my time and rhymes on you god damn,
like UV lights to your skin, im slowly burning your pride,
once i attack there aint a chance you'll survive,
my shit is like the black death, it wont go unnoticed,
you aint real, your a joke, mothafucka join tha circus,
the names ShadowsAngel but dont let that decieve you,
im an ongoing migrane aint nothing gon' relieve you,
like Nelly you only good at rhyming bout grammer,
but face-to-face you cant help it, but stutter,
give it up boy you kno my rhymes are hotter

09-22-2003, 12:29 AM
Yea, Yo
I radiate, like plutonium rods that glow
Got ya counters drumroll when i'm about to flow
Patriarch wit the heart of Napoleon Bonaparte
Stomp across continents to conquer my art
I'm a millenium lyricist
Area 51 physicist
Rhymes hot enough to melt the wax on turntable before the DJ even starts spinnin it
My rhymes could melt the wax right off the back of Kid Icarus
Sharper than the shit you shank fool wit
Sharper than scissor tips
Sharper than rings on RZA's fist
It's ridiculous
How so many of you niggaz figure dat
Maybe we could get a name is Balla disses us
I know how you bitches think
You figure since
You already a pussy
You might a well gimme syphalis
Envious cuz ya rhymes are infinite
And you lyrically limited to the little boxes you livin in
I'm as dangerous as they come
Dangerous with or without a gun
I been dangerous since day one
Rhyme blows explode like pyros
Stick to ya ribs like chicken and thick gravy from Roscoe's
You get ya head flown if you dumb in da dome
Or struck wit some stones til you feel numb in the bones
You betta keep ya big mouth closed
For i stick the mussle of dat chrome in the hole unda ya nose
Send a signal to my index and tell it to fold
In the direction of my wrist bones to release ya soul
I told you to freeze
If I was you I woulda froze
But you chose the other route - got blown from the hose
Pistol to ya mug
Cripple ya tongue
Rip thru ya lungs
Write ya name on ya tombstone
Scribbled in blood
C'mon gimme a little love
Did anybody out there
That never felt one line that Baller bust
Smeared his career like doo-doo inside a pamper
My style's is sicker than infected women and men
I'm so raw I could catch AIDS without stickin it in
Flipped and dipped like shrimps and scampy
Switch my language like a black kid raised by a spanish nanny
Til whenever you can never explain
Cuz compared to me ya brain is the size of a sand grain
A real pain in da ass
That got smacked for sayin my name
And now you look like an ass in pain
Guess what?
Got F'ed up
Cuz you shouldn't've stood up
Sweeter than the hand fulla
Gandulated sugar
Bitches runnin they mouth like i can't get ta dem
But watch the shit hit the fan
When that cat I pull up
No question
Get wrecked in
Less than
A nanosecond
For messin wit me
Or my bredgren
You can't stop progression
You can't hold back what's destined
And you definately coach perfection
Be the only thug standin
After Armageddon
Take a hammer and smash
The stone ya name was etched in
Then i'll announce I'm runnin for the new election
Anybody wit an objection gets the death sentence
Death by lethal injection
Death by beheaded
Death by gettin shot wit a weapon
But if you wanna be remembered
Then death by gettin ya head severed
Is an honorable way to end it..

09-23-2003, 07:33 PM
yo balla i didnt ask to be educated bout science and history,
you tha type to listen in class? doin your homework nightly?
in no time i'll have you screamin your desperate pleas,
while pointing my gun on your head, watchin you on your knees,
my impact is too much for a richter scale to take,
nothing can stop me im full of anger, greed and hate,
you've tried makeovers and surgery but you still lookin like a pit bull,
like homer at the sight of any food you'll start to drool,
"eat all you can" restaurants bein ripped off as you eat tha place inside out,
eaten all they got but you still puttin shit down your mouth,
im a surgeon i'll replace your heart wit a bomb,
unexpectadly set it off leaving you littered on the ground,
the biggest piece of you they could find is your index finga,
now you mothafuckas kno when im around you dont linga,
it seems like you bein racist when you used the word nigga,
im tellin you something bitch, you'll get a visit from the grim reapa,
im mo' precious than the rarest diamond stone,
now you installin security cameras round your home,
you be tha one gettin an order restraint, i aint gon' hesitate,
to bust cap in your ass and have you lyin in a cas-kate, (casket)
in the end i'll be tha last one standing,
and your family will the one mourning.

09-23-2003, 08:42 PM
I'm just tryin to educate you girl. Sound's like you need a lesson in science and history, but I cant help you with that, I'll just give you a lesson in battlin. Bitch I suggest you take notes. Ding Ding Schools In!

09-23-2003, 08:43 PM
I'll splatter your brain matter, the quick-draw McGraw jaw tapper
My lyrics hit harder than pissed off line backers
So exercise caution, I shatter jaws like porcelain
Mess around and get your life span shortened
Cuz I'm the ultimate evil, terrorizin people
I'll handcuff your neck to a movin vehicle
Then I'll put your block scene on lock like a swat team
Cuz I'm totin 4 pound glocks wit infrared beams
It seems so stupid that you wanna battle us
When we know rhymes like Einstein knows calculus
So don't be doubtin my shit, cuz I'm the Baller
And I got more lines than a million K-Swiss
Without a question, without a shadow of a doubt
I'll kill the last dragon and drink the last Dragon-Stout
Bithces runnin off at the mouth but they just cowards afraid of my powers
I make wack MC's piss in they trousers

Sounds like you need to get ya ass to school and get an education.

09-25-2003, 01:43 AM
Originally posted by And1_Baller
I'm just tryin to educate you girl. Sound's like you need a lesson in science and history, but I cant help you with that, I'll just give you a lesson in battlin. Bitch I suggest you take notes. Ding Ding Schools In!

i kno mo' bout battlin than your ass. and i aint gon' waste my time takin notes from a fool dont kno shit bout wat he's talkin bout.

09-25-2003, 01:58 AM
i get enough lectures bout studyin from my teachers at skool,
me needing to learn mo'? bitch lookie herre you tha fool,
if you knew chance a data bettah you'd kno i'll be takin the crown,
i aint scared of you, i'll have you internally bleeding on the ground,
sorry to break it to you but you got a one in a million chance, (of winning)
you can have all the time in the world but your skill still wont enhance,
like sheep to a blue heeler i could bend you to my will,(a blue heeler is a dog)
buy and get anythin i want then send you tha bill,
Baller i've doubted your shit from the start of this battle,
this bitch right herre is too much for you to handle,
it's time for you to go to your momma and get your diaper changed,
and congrats to you and your daddy for gettin engaged,
what im tryin to say is dont fuck with me or you'll be left in a critical state,
i guess it's too complicated for your weakened mind to calculate, (work out)
im gon' end this with a fuck you and to all the mothafuckas that ride with you.

looks like your tha mothafucka who needs to learn a thing or two bout battlin :D :P

09-25-2003, 09:52 PM
Yo this the wrap, I'm sick of bullshittin wit you so I'm gonna end it...

For hip hop heads, I provide the Ultimate High
Baller is the difference between Light and Dark
See I deliver lyrical blows that pose a potential threat
To any emcees Ive ever met
Or will meet, I cant be defeated or beat
Lyrically I got more lines than streets
So if you got beef, you better speak now or forever hold your peace
Cuz Im comin from the stomach of the beast
Representin the East coast from boarder to boarder
Ill battle this whole planet in alphabetical order
From A to Z or whatever the case be
My brain waves beat against the rocks like the sea
See my style is every color in the spectrum
Your style is plain like trains without vandalism
Steady blindin Thugz when I be shinin
Holdin the sun in my hand Ill walk across the horizon
My I.Q. number has six zeros behind it
I possess the power to sleep with open eyelids
On a metaphysical level, Ill make you burst into flames just by lookin at a picture of you
In fact, whenever I put the match to the Buddha
My brain cells become parallel to a computer
Gatherin thoughts and speeds that light couldnt exceed
Test scores that Japanese overseas cant believe
When Im around other emcees I dont know how to behave
I feel like a metal plate in a microwave
Takin MCz beyond the lyrical speed limit
Diggin graves and dumpin bodies in it when Im finished
Attract this shit like a musical magnet
I free flows in binary codes and talk to faxes
Liftin weights and takin amino acids
Sprintin through marathons like they was 60 yard dashes
My reactions will hit you before your pro-action hit me
Think about it, its deep
My fan club got more followers than the Grateful Dead groupies
And my SAT scores got aliens trynna recruit me
Cuz lyrically I got superhuman abilities
And Ill make a mockery of anybody for drillin me
I get madd respect in this rap game
Emcees like you could only call me by my last name
You came out of a womans woom
I came out of a space pod Im a alien, a lyrical god
You gotta find 20 rappers like Nas just to even the odds wit me
My philosophies are iller than Socrates
Ill damage your physical with my verbal
My balance enables me to square dance in a circle
To me your like a nigga trynna jump a normal niggaz hurdle
And word to my unborn child Ill hurt you....
Experiment on you like a mad scientist
And if my lyrics drive you crazy my fist will be the psychiatrist

You can't touch me, I'm sick of this bullshit. It's like I burn you every time yet you keep coming back for more. This will be my last post in this thread, but don't think it's coz you won, It's because I need to battle someone more challenging!.....


09-25-2003, 10:58 PM
Originally posted by And1_Baller

It's like I burn you every time yet you keep coming back for more.
who you kidding?? you burnin me? wat have you been smokin?? naw its kool im sick of this shit too.

It's because I need to battle someone more challenging!.....

keep dreamin :rolleyes: :rolleyes: